Chicago Mayor Condemns 'Vigilantism' After Men Are Seen Patrolling Streets Carrying Bats

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Violence in Chicago during the George Floyd protests hasn’t been as bad as some big cities. Maybe because the reputation of the Chicago police for not-so-tender treatment of suspects precedes them.


In truth, Chicago police are brutal, corrupt, and, dare I say, many are racist. Of course, that’s no excuse to loot a liquor store or trash a high-end department store. But if you want an Exhibit “A” for police brutality, Chicago fills the bill nicely.

There have been incidents of violence, vandalism, looting and fires that have been set in some city neighborhoods. And the Chicago police, already walking on eggshells because of several high-profile murders of unarmed black citizens, can’t be everywhere at once.

So, Americans being Americans, citizens decided to simply protect themselves. There have been reports of people patrolling their neighborhoods with baseball bats to protect their loved ones.

Sound, sensible, and all-American. But this self-defense absolutely horrified Chicago’s woke mayor.

The Hill:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) this week condemned vigilantism after groups of predominantly white men were seen patrolling the streets with bats amid ongoing protests against racism and police brutality.

“It is absolutely not appropriate for people to take up arms, bats, pipes, whatever in patrolling neighborhoods,” Lightfoot said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“We’ve seen that end with tragic results across the country and we’re not about to allow that practice to happen here in Chicago. If there’s an issue, call 911,” Lightfoot said.


First of all, I wonder if the fact that the groups of men are “predominantly white” has anything to do with her objection? If they were black men with baseball bats patrolling their neighborhoods, wouldn’t she say it was justifiable given the history of whites attacking blacks?

But the bottom line here is that in Lightfoot’s Chicago, you aren’t allowed to defend yourself, your property, or your family. It just isn’t necessary because, police. The cops respond to every 911 call with lightning speed. Besides, if the police are a little late and rioters were to murder your family, they’d get on it right away, scout’s honor.

“I absolutely support neighbors being vigilant as to what’s going on on the streets and in their blocks but taking up arms, that leads to chaos and we’re not supporting vigilantism in the city of Chicago under any circumstances.”

The groups of men were seen in Bridgeport, a diversifying neighborhood that previously served as an Irish American power base for the Daley political family, the outlet noted.

Yes, Bridgeport is “diversifying.” I hear they let Italians and Poles live there now. They’re very progressive like that in Bridgeport.

But as for protecting their neighborhood with bats, Lightfoot shouldn’t fret about it. She has the woke generation on her side.


Not taking anything away from the enthusiasm of the Proud Boys, but those Bridgeport guys eat guys like the Proud Boys for breakfast. The notion that organized groups of right-wing, self-admitted violent fanatics are patrolling Bridgeport with bats is absurd to anyone who has knowledge of the city.

In the times we live, when police are frozen into inaction by ludicrous and hysterical charges of “brutality,” it’s logical and reasonable to assume — whether you’re black or white — that you’re on your own when it comes to defending you and yours.




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