Biden, Seen as 'Irrelevant' in Coronavirus Crisis, Calls for Nationwide Lockdown

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Joe Biden appeared at a CNN townhall to talk about the coronavirus pandemic and nobody cared.

That’s the biggest fear that Democrats have at this point in the campaign. Biden has become an afterthought, a non-player, an irrelevant presence in America today. Part of that is he’s been prevented from making public appearances because of the pandemic. But more importantly, Biden really has nothing interesting to say about the crisis. He echoes Democratic talking points about Trump’s failures, but as far as recommending action, he’s been stuck with parroting the president.


The New York Post:

“He’s making himself irrelevant,” Saikat Chakrabarti, a former chief of staff to Queens Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, told The Post, saying the virtual broadcasts were not helping. “We need action immediately, and Biden can’t do anything real right now.”

Biden has been forced to watch from the sidelines as President Trump steals the spotlight with daily coronavirus briefings that have been a ratings smash.

Though some experts have criticized the president for spreading inaccurate information and promoting untested antibiotics during his briefings, polls suggest Americans are increasingly pleased with his performance handling the deadly pandemic.

All the Democrats have as far as criticism of Trump is that he didn’t gaze into his crystal ball and see the future course of the pandemic. The New York Times, naturally, is blaming Trump for the spread of the virus. He should have tested sooner! He should have ordered social distancing sooner! He should have KNOWN!

Baloney. The testing snafu wasn’t Trump’s fault. And there was absolutely no way of knowing — save looking into that crystal ball — that a pandemic was in the offing. The media can always find some one or two “experts” who predicted something bad was going to happen weeks before it did. But Trump reacted cautiously at first. And as the press became hysterical with blazing headlines and dire warnings of catastrophe, Trump sought to calm people. Even now, he hasn’t hit the panic button, although many in the press think he should.


Biden is nowhere to be seen in this debate. It’s Trump vs. the media and his far-left political opponents. Trump vs. Biden doesn’t exist.

Biden is now calling for a nationwide lockdown as a way of trying to get back into the game.

Los Angeles Times:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is calling for an immediate nationwide stay-at-home order to contain the spread of the coronavirus, saying the main mistake that leaders can make in a pandemic is “going too slow.”

The Democratic presidential candidate told CNN on Friday that he agreed with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates that the uneven patchwork of state and local lockdowns in effect in the United States will inevitably cost lives and prolong the economic catastrophe.

“Why would we not err on the side of making sure that we are not going to have a repeat?” Biden said from his home in Wilmington, Del.

Why do we need a nationwide stay-at-home order now? There are huge swaths of America where there are few or no cases of COVID-19. Why should they shut down because New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles are in the throes of a crisis?

Biden is reaching to become relevant and all he’s done is show his desperation and frustration.



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