Several Arrests Made at Ann Coulter Event at Berkeley

(AP Photo/Kirksville Daily Express, Al Maglio)

Antifa and other far-left demonstrators made their presence felt at an event at Berkeley sponsored by the Berkeley College Republicans that featured conservative firebrand Ann Coulter as speaker. More than 2,000 protesters turned out to harass Coulter and attendees who had to run a gauntlet of masked demonstrators screaming at them.


Not very pleasant.

Apparently, the thugs did a little more than shout “F**k Ann Coulter.”

Fox News:

Coulter started speaking about 15 minutes late because attendees had trouble getting through a “human chain” of protesters who tried to block ticketholders from getting inside the building.

“They can protest all they want and shout their slogans – free speech – I’m cool with that, but I am not cool with having somebody block our way getting in,” said Derrick Main, a Marin County Republican Central Committee member. He told FOX 2 he paid $45 for his ticket.


Conservative writer Andy Ngo posted video that appeared to show a woman having her ticket stolen.

Some protesters seemed a little confused about the meaning of “free speech.”

“I think it’s important that we hear people like her speak to know that this is real,” a student named Aurora told FOX 2.

“What we’re doing by protesting is showing that her specific speech is not welcome here,” student Gianluca Pedrani told the station.

As the old song goes, “You’re free to speak your mind, my friend. As long as you agree with me.”

Coulter cancelled an speech at Berkeley in 2017 because of “safety concerns.” This time around, the police presence was large and obvious. They still made “six or seven arrests” for wearing masks, which was banned during campus demonstrations last year.


Coulter told the Daily Caller that she missed the good old days.

“I wish all college speeches could go back to what they used to be like. Liberals used to come; they’d have their little protest outside; and really you’d hurt my feelings if you weren’t protesting. But then they’d come in, I’d give a quick speech and take question-and-answer all night,” she told the Daily Caller before the event. “They’re usually a lot of fun.”

Not any more. One student who tried to enter the venue was assaulted and sent to the hospital.


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