Ocasio-Cortez Pays Nearly $300 for Haircut While Preaching Socialism

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., attends a briefing in Rayburn Building held by Power 4 Puerto Rico Coalition, that calls on Congress to help Puerto Rico grow and prosper in the wake of Hurricane Maria on Thursday, May 23, 2019. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

My colleague and PJM senior editor Tyler O’Neil put AOC’s latest slice of hypocrisy best: “She’s such a typical millennial — we enjoy the benefits of capitalism but advocate against the engine of growth behind it.”


AOC does not appear to practice what she preaches. She recently visited “The Last Tangle” hair salon and dropped nearly $300 for a haircut.

Washington Times:

The New York Democrat ventured into Last Tangle Salon on 19th Street Northwest last month and shelled out $80 for a haircut and $180 for lowlights, according to sources familiar with the salon.

A 20% tip would have added $52 to the bill.

Her stylist did not respond to a request for comment about the tip.

A staff member at Last Tangle Salon talked about the lawmaker as if she were a TV superstar, saying “AOC” was extremely nice and even took several selfies with patrons.

AOC’s antics call to mind another woman who advocated for socialism while leading the good life.

“AOC is the Eva Peron of American politics. She preaches socialism while living the life of the privileged,” said Richard Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, referencing the former first lady of Argentina who was known for dressing in designer gowns and jewels while advocating a socialist agenda.

“There is nothing wrong with spending money to make yourself look better, especially as a personality who depends upon visual mediums for her power. But it is a bad look to spend hundreds of dollars to get your hair done to make a video decrying income inequality,” Mr. Manning said.


Some socialists are ditsy enough to actually believe the same economic results can be achieved by creating socialists policies to replace the free market. But most socialists are smarter than that. They know full well that it will not be possible to share the wealth if socialism comes.

It was no accident that the Soviet elites in the Communist Party had dachas on the Black Sea, while the masses crowded a dozen people into two-bedroom apartments. They were able to shop in special food stores, where plenty of meat and good food were available instead of standing in line for hours to buy spoiled sausage, moldy beets, and vodka.

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,” read a proclamation by the pigs in Orwell’s Animal Farm. This philosophy has been used for more than 100 years now to justify the lavish lifestyle of communist elites. They don’t see it as hypocrisy, Ocasio-Cortez spent thousands on gas-guzzling car rentals instead of using public transportation while pushing the Green New Deal. Her explanation?


Spoken like a true socialist.


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