Clinton: I Was a 'Victim' of a 'Very Broad Assumption I Would Win'

(Sean Simmers/ via AP)

The interview Hillary Clinton gave at a California tech conference yesterday on the reasons she lost the election is pathetic.

She has learned nothing. She is unable to accept her rejection by the American voter due to sheer dislike and distrust. And she blames the media for not reporting on all her brilliant policy schemes.


As is the custom these days, she claims to accept responsibility for her loss — and then proceeds to blame everyone and everything else except herself.


Clinton again argued that the letter former FBI Director James Comey sent to Congress about her private email server just more than a week before the election was what prompted her to lose critical ground at the end.

Comey wasn’t the only target of Clinton’s ire on Wednesday, though, as she assailed the news media for its coverage of the Comey controversy (reporters covered it like it was “Pearl Harbor,” she charged) and the campaign more broadly, citing a lack of substantive policy reporting on television.

The attitude toward her campaign, she posited, was a result of the assumption that she would defeat Donald Trump, and she said it hurt her.

“I was the victim of a very broad assumption that I was going to win,” she said.

Clinton hit at the Democratic National Committee, too: The DNC, she claimed, handed her an inferior data operation when she won the party’s nomination last summer, while the Republicans had invested heavily in data infrastructure between 2012 and 2016.

On the topic of Russian interference in the election, Clinton described the hacks into the DNC and her campaign chairman’s private email account and various “fake news” websites as the country “weaponizing” technology in an unprecedented misinformation campaign against her.

And while she did not explicitly accuse Trump’s campaign of colluding with the Russians on the cyberattacks — a topic of ongoing federal investigation and something the White House has repeatedly denied — Clinton said she believes that the Kremlin had help from Americans in some form.

“The Russians, in my opinion … could not have known how best to weaponize that information unless they have been guided … by Americans,” Clinton said.

“I think it’s fair to ask, how did that actually influence the campaign, and how did they know what messages to deliver?” she said. “Who told them? Who were they coordinating with, and colluding with?”


Oh for Pete’s sake, Hillary. Are you totally ignorant of the fact that the Russian government employs experts on America just like we employ experts on Russia? The notion that there weren’t knowledgeable people in Russia who could have advised Putin or any other Russian on how to use the emails to damage her is absurd.

And you didn’t have to be a fricking rocket scientist to figure out which emails would have been the most compelling to the media. Sheesh.

Comey’s letter, an “inferior” data operation, Russians, a news media that turned her use of a private server to store classified information into “Pearl Harbor” and didn’t report on her policy positions — what did she leave out?

She almost forgot to tell us she was a “victim” of the press and public’s “assumption” that she would win. In other words, pity me because people didn’t think I was going to lose.

The farther away from the election we get, the whinier she becomes.



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