Funny Fake Liberal News on Trump 'Impeachment'

Louise Mensch as a member of British parliament. Stefan Wermuth/PA Wire URN:13483981

My PJ Media colleague Michael Walsh highlighted this article in Vox yesterday that outlined how liberal fake news originates and how it’s spread.

President Donald Trump is about to resign as a result of the Russia scandal. Bernie Sandersand Sean Hannity are Russian agents. The Russians have paid off House Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz to the tune of $10 million, using Trump as a go-between. Paul Ryan is a traitorfor refusing to investigate Trump’s Russia ties. Libertarian heroine Ayn Rand was a secret Russian agent charged with discrediting the American conservative movement.

These are all claims you can find made on a new and growing sector of the internet that functions as a fake news bubble for liberals, something I’ve dubbed the Russiasphere. The mirror image of Breitbart and InfoWars on the right, it focuses nearly exclusively on real and imagined connections between Trump and Russia. The tone is breathless: full of unnamed intelligence sources, certainty that Trump will soon be imprisoned, and fever dream factual assertions that no reputable media outlet has managed to confirm.

Twitter is the Russiasphere’s native habitat. Louise Mensch, a former right-wing British parliamentarian and romance novelist, spreads the newest, punchiest, and often most unfounded Russia gossip to her 283,000 followers on Twitter. Mensch is backed up by a handful of allies, including former NSA spook John Schindler (226,000 followers) and DC-area photographer Claude Taylor (159,000 followers).


So what will liberals be talking about tomorrow? Mensch and Taylor have penned a ridiculous blog post on a site called Patribotics that anyone with a 5th-grade education would know is a steaming pile of horse manure.

Multiple sources close to the intelligence, justice and law enforcement communities say that the House Judiciary Committee is considering Articles of Impeachment against the President of the United States.

Sources further say that the Supreme Court notified Mr. Trump that the formal process of a case of impeachment against him was begun, before he departed the country on Air Force One. The notification was given, as part of the formal process of the matter, in order that Mr. Trump knew he was not able to use his powers of pardon against other suspects in Trump-Russia cases. Sources have confirmed that the Marshal of the Supreme Court spoke to Mr. Trump.

It was reported this week that Mr. Trump had texted Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn the message ‘Stay strong’. This might be interpreted as an attempt to intimidate a witness, sources say.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein met with the House Judiciary Committee this week in closed session.

The authors have previously reported exclusively on Patribotics that a sealed indictment exists against Donald Trump.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I read this. It would have been spewed all over the monitor. I mean, I get plenty of emails from right-wing nuts with conspiracy theories and “Exclusive” news flashes that are equally ridiculous. But if this is an example of liberal fake news, they are in deep trouble if millions of their followers believe it.


A few notes of sanity: The Judiciary Committee would have to conduct an inquiry before articles of impeachment could be written. So the idea that the committee is “considering” articles that haven’t even been written yet is a pretty good trick.

The attempt to “intimidate” Michael Flynn is laughable. Even if the text is true, the notion that “stay strong” is anything but presidential encouragement is outrageously stupid.

But it’s the “news” about the Supreme Court where Mensch and Taylor enter the Twilight Zone of idiocy. SCOTUS would never “notify” President Trump about any impeachment proceedings, given a little something we Americans call the “separation of powers.” And most laughable of all, the “Marshal” of the Supreme Court would never have any cause whatsoever to have contact with President Trump—especially to inform him that his pardoning powers had been revoked. Or something. In fact, even if Trump was impeached and convicted in the Senate, he would have the power to pardon anyone (including himself) up until one second before he left office.

Twitter had a great time with the “Marshal” talking to Trump. David Frum has a recent photo of the Marshal with his honor guard.


Allahpundit wants to write in an extra-constitutional amendment or two:

When the day starts getting long for you and you need a good laugh, hop on over to some of these sites mentioned in the Vox article. It will do wonders for your mental health.





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