Trump Defender Admits He Pimped out Little Boys to Thatcher Cabinet Ministers

Where did Trump find this guy?

The man that Donald Trump brought forward to defend him from allegations he groped a woman on a plane 40 years ago turns out to have a sleazy reputation for making unsubstantiated allegations, including his admission that he pimped out underage boys for ministers in Margaret Thatcher’s government.


Anthony Gilberthorpe, who claims to have a photographic memory, says he saw the Trump accuser Jessica Leeds sitting with the candidate on the flight from New York to Dallas. Gilberthorpe’s memory doesn’t include the ability to remember the date of the flight. He says Leeds was the aggressor and she told him she was going to marry Trump.

In addition to his magical memory, Gilberthorpe claims to have organized sex parties for high-ranking Tories.


In 2014, Gilberthorpe told the Daily Mirror he went “trawling” the streets to procure underage boys for Tory MPs for sex and drugs parties – including some in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet. He claimed to have recruited rent boys, the “youngest and prettiest”, for parties at conferences in Blackpool in 1983 and to have attended parties in Brighton in 1981 and 1984. He named high-ranking politicians, all of whom were by then dead, as being part of the paedophile parties when he spoke to the Mirror, calling himself a “whistleblower”.

Gilberthorpe was still a teenager when he inherited £250,000 after the death of an elderly man with whom he had become friends. “That was what funded his jet-set life – or that was what he liked to call it,” said a former local news reporter in Gloucestershire where Gilberthorpe began what he hoped would be a stellar political career by becoming a county councillor. “He firstly bought a care home and that didn’t work out, then it was antiques. I was bit shocked to see him in theBig Issue magazine a few years ago however, complaining about how all his friends deserted him when he became bankrupt.

“He was forever dropping into our office in Gloucester and giving out little titbits about himself. Knowing the man I knew back then, someone who sought publicity constantly, this latest outing for him is par for the course for Gilberthorpe,” he said.

In 1987 the reporter took a call from Gilberthorpe. “He said he was resigning as a councillor because the Express was about to out him as gay and claim he had been travelling back and forth to New York for treatment for Aids. He told me he was calling from New York. Turned out he wasn’t. I asked if he did have Aids but he didn’t answer.”

Gilberthorpe, although admitting in court later that he had told lies, including fabricating an engagement to an American heiress, sued several newspapers who printed the allegations he was promiscuous and had Aids. He won his libel case in 1988 but, in an unusual legal move, it was overturned by court of appeal judges shortly afterwards, leaving him without the payout he anticipated.


What possessed the Trump campaign to advance this serial liar as a character witness? My cat Snowball has more credibility than this guy and she’s a conniving creature who tries to blame her littermates when she does something bad.

The amazing thing is that anyone over the age of 5 believes that this guy’s statement exonerates Trump. Unfortunately, some do.

Impervious to reason and logic, Trumpbots will believe anything they’re told to believe by the candidate.



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