'Power to the People! No Power to These Pigs!'

A Black Lives Matters protestor stands beside police officers during a protest march in downtown, Monday, July 25, 2016, in Philadelphia, during the first day of the Democratic National Convention. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

At an anti-police demonstration in Philadelphia, organizers ordered white people who wanted to take part to move to the back. It’s a “black and brown” thing, you see.


How do we know it was an anti-police protest? They said so.

Associated Press:

Organizers of a march against police brutality in Philadelphia are telling white protesters to move to the back of the demonstration, saying the action is “a black and brown resistance march.”

Philly REAL Justice organizer Erica Mines says the rally and march are “anti-police” and tells the crowd the officers present on bikes are not there to protect them.

Mines also told the crowd of about 500 marchers that “Hillary Clinton has blood on her hands.”

In a call and echo chant, the crowd repeats “Power to the people! No power to these pigs!”

The group is marching from near Temple University, in north Philadelphia, south on Broad Street to City Hall. There, they’ll meet up with another group decrying police brutality and economic injustice and then move down to a park near the convention site.

Philly REAL Justice is the local Black Lives Matter affiliate, according to its website. Tonight, the Democrats will allow mothers of those killed as a result of police shootings to speak on center stage. They represent a coalition of groups of which Black Lives Matter is prominent.


Despite strong protests from the local police union, Hillary Clinton refused to allow the relatives of recently slain police officers to speak. You can certainly understand why. It would be awkward for mothers representing groups that have created the atmosphere where it is acceptable to murder police officers to appear on the same program as those officers’ families.

The next time some idiot liberal claims that Black Lives Matter is a peaceful group only looking to reform the justice system, throw some of those quotes in their face.



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