De Blasio's Curious Comments About the 20% Increase in Violent Crime

There was a curious press conference yesterday by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who claimed that taking guns off the streets had led to fewer gun crimes – despite the fact that violent crime overall has increased by 20% in February.


Apparently, instead of guns, criminals are using knives, clubs, and other weapons to threaten their victims. Is this cause for celebration? De Blasio thinks so.

Daily Caller:

“Guns are being taken off the street in an unprecedented way,” the mayor stated. “Some people unfortunately are turning to a different weapon. Thank god, typically a less deadly weapon.”

“Well guess what that means, now the NYPD will now go get those weapons.”

Still, de Blasio struggled to reassure New Yorkers who might be scared by the current rash of robberies, assaults, and rapes, “up 20 percent for the month of February.”

“I think we’re just going to have a disagreement on this with all disrespect,” de Blasio told CBS2 reporter Marcia Kramer. “I believe in the NYPD. They are continuing to drive down crime. Any time they see a pattern, they address it with very great precision and very great impact.”

Can’t wait for de Blasio to start confiscating kitchen knives, baseball bats, and other household objects that criminals use to strong-arm their victims.


No matter what weapons the criminals use to threaten their victims, the terror is just the same. It’s hard to see why the mayor should “thank God” that people are terrorized by a knife rather than a gun. In fact, it demonstrates a disconnect by de Blasio between crime victims and his gun-grabbing agenda.

Most of the guns confiscated were probably from law-abiding citizens, so how much safer New Yorkers are with his gun-grabbing policies remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the “broken windows policing” that so successfully knocked down the crime rate for two decades has been abandoned, much to the detriment of the quality of life of ordinary New Yorkers.


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