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Belmont Journal: Limbo aftermath

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Nov 8 2020 14:30@

Biden Social Security tax increases will only fire puny bullets at monster Tiger tank coronavirus deficits.

A recent Bipartisan Policy Center analysis of Social Security’s solvency found “COVID-19 could deplete reserves in each of the Social Security trust funds before the end of this decade, much sooner than previously forecasted.”

“Lockdown socialism”. Remember the term.

Nov 8 2020 14:30@

AOC complains that the Democrats are maroons, ends truce. Says Biden only won because of the progs. According to the Guardian.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has criticised the Democratic party for incompetence in a no-holds-barred, post-election interview with the New York Times, warning that if the Biden administration does not put progressives in top positions, the party would lose big in the 2022 midterm elections.

Signaling that the internal moratorium in place while the Democrats worked to defeat Donald Trump was over, the leftwing New York representative sharply rejected the notion advanced by some Democrats that progressive messaging around the Movement for Black Lives and the Green New Deal led to the party’s loss of congressional seats in last week’s election.

NYT. Progs shouldn’t have said what they were going to do if they won. It gave the voters the right idea. “The carefully calibrated unity of the Democratic Party lasted about six months.”


The one constant of identity politics is division.

Nov 8 2020 14:30@

The media operates on a linear narrative. Society “moves on” as a group to a new focus serially. They are eager to “move past” the cheating issue is so they can set current narrative time to a Biden pre-presidency. Controlling the clock is almost as important the narrative.

Unfortunately the cheating scandal is an asynchronous call. When it is returned what is the handler?

We’ve moved from the Russia-stole-election phase to the don’t-question-election-integrity phase.

Books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board book – Eric Carle. THE all-time classic picture book, from generation to generation, sold somewhere in the world every 30 seconds!

Nov 8 2020 14:00@

It seems likely that whoever wins the election may not be accepted or at least only very reluctantly by half the electorate. Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks sees limited prospects in a broadly bipartisan presidency.

Biden’s speech went south when he started talking about cooperating with Republicans. There’s a zero percent chance they’ll cooperate with him on Democratic priorities. He’ll waste his whole administration trying. But Biden might cooperate with
@GOP, which would be a disaster.

The left-center power struggle inside the Democratic party is a war over spoils. Activists are already after the Lincoln Project’s money in a kind of falling out between advocates. But there’s not money enough for both. Unless they print money in what some call “lockdown socialism”.

“If debts could be magicked away with a printing press, Weimar Germany would have been richer than Switzerland and Robert Mugabe would have been an economic genius. Inflation is a sneaky tax: you lose your savings so governments can lose their debts.”

Lockdown socialism = “restrictions” + “gains”

Nov 8 2020 06:00@

The left thinks Biden Democrats are the problem. Yanis Varoufakis says:

Biden has won. And thank goodness for that. BUT, it is the Biden Democrats who have proven time & again their determination to prevent ANY challenge to the power & wealth of the few causing the discontent that is propelling Trumpism.

Translation: things are going to get worse until someone further left than Biden is in charge. It’s hard to be a “president for all Americans” while having to constantly feed the crocodile.

President-elect Biden reportedly plans to issue executive orders reversing a number of President Trump’s policies, including rejoining the Paris climate accords, repealing the ban on immigration that targeted many Muslim-majority countries and more.