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A World Lit Only By Fossils

She was the "stiff headmistress" to Trump's "Great Salesman" but being that didn't help her.  The New York Times contrasted Theresa May with the American president calling her "reserved, slightly awkward and serious, Mrs. May does not even have a Twitter account and does her best to remain silent on the key issues of the day, putting her head above water only when she must."  Yet she lost an election that should have won by a landslide forcing her into a deal with a Northern Ireland party to form a government.

Her chief defect according to British pundit Piers Morgan, was a lack "of basic gumption".

Perhaps the lesson in May's defeat is that all political courses are now risky and simply not being Trump is no guarantee in a world that has become unpredictable.  Richard Haas, the author of A World in Disarray said that things were falling apart faster then he had imagined.  He tweeted, "I know I wrote a book re disarray, but things getting out of hand w Qatar, N Korea, UK election, Comey, Afghanistan, Venezuela, you name it."

That is because a"world in disarray" is being roiled by causes far deeper than Trump.  There is disorder -- entropy -- lose in the system requires which requires an infusion of external energy that is unavailable.  The existing resources simply can't cope. One example which stands out is the economics of terrorist prevention.  The Washington Post explains the reason Lone Wolves keep surprising the authorities is because it takes four cops to monitor a single terror suspect,  quoting a European terror expert.  "Since it takes at least four agents to monitor a single suspect, it becomes apparent that many European countries lack the resources to monitor all of them and that there's an overload of security information."

Monitoring the 23,000 Jihadis thought to be in the UK would require every policeman in Britain.  It's impossible and many are left unwatched.  The situation simply gets worse over time.  The policeman to population ratio is ordinarily 1 to 227, so each Jihadi (4:1) requires almost a thousand times more police resources than the average Joe (1:227). In other words, there's not enough free energy in Britain to meet political demands: to simultaneously rebuild the Army, maintain council housing, expand the NHS and play multi-culti host.

That is why May fares no better than anyone else.  Entropy is extending its lead all the time.  Globalism has made it possible to fund disorder from the profits of order.  Qatar, for example has recently been accused of being the Switzerland of Terrorism.  Yet it receives a vast income not only from the sale of natural gas but from holdings in the West.  The BBC remarks that "Qatar owns more land in London than the Queen."

It's hard to walk round London and admire the sights without admiring something paid for by Qatar. From some of the most famous hotels and landmarks to the cranes arcing over the South Bank, Qatar has a substantial finger in a huge number of pies. The UK is Qatar's single largest investment destination, with £35bn in place and another £5bn on its way in the next five years.