Democrats Have No Choice But to Continue With Hillary

In popular memory, Churchill reacted to the humiliating loss of HMS Hood by signaling the Home Fleet: "I don’t care how you do it, you must sink the Bismarck."

In view of the need to retrieve the prestige of the Royal Navy, every warship in hail was mobilized:

[Even] the old Revenge-class battleship HMS Ramillies was detached from convoy duty southeast of Greenland and ordered to set a course to intercept Bismarck if she should attempt to raid the sea lanes off North America.

Similarly, when Hillary Clinton's campaign suffered a near-catastrophic disaster when she collapsed at a 9/11 ceremony shortly after describing a large section of the American public as "deplorable," every major Democratic political figure put to campaign sea to salvage the situation. Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, and even Clinton's husband, the former president, took to the hustings as surrogates with Bill reprising the role of the aged Ramillies.

With the fate of so many interests at stake, it is as if Hillary must make the Oval Office, even if her surrogates have to carry her through the door. Unfortunately for the DNC, unless Hillary is replaced only she can sink the enemy in electoral combat. The British could at least mourn the Hood and move on. But Hillary was towed to drydock, which poses its own set of problems. For even if one could raise her, the "Mighty Hood" would still have the irremediable material defects which made her a floating bomb.

In the light of the Denmark Strait experience, a hypothetically raised Hood could only ever be employed inside her immunity zone, where her deck armor would not be vulnerable to plunging fire and her belt armor still proof against flat trajectory shots. Otherwise, the same result would likely occur over and over again. Since the Hillary scheduled to leave the yards is essentially the same woman that went in, the same considerations apply.

All future public exposure is likely to be very carefully managed so that shelter from prying cameras is never more than a very few steps away. If any lesson was likely to be learned from her 9/11 meltdown, it is that Hillary should never be allowed to venture too far from the Scooby-Doo van to get undercover quickly.

But getting candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton to win the November 2016 election is a different proposition from getting president Hillary Clinton to the end of her term. The DNC will offload her in a few months, after which the liability presently carried on the books of the Democratic Party will be transferred to the voters for the duration of her term. It's a substantial risk, and the premium will be "priced into" U.S. foreign and domestic policy.

The obvious question to ask is why the Democrats simply don't replace her.

Why raise the Hood and not, as was the case in 1941, send the newer ships after the Bismarck? The answer -- and a similar one can be constructed for Trump -- is that they can't. Washington is now beset by a bane once exclusively associated with monarchies and authoritarianisms. Washington has a succession problem that has been growing for some time. This is astonishing for a system which once surprised Adolf Hitler by taking Franklin Roosevelt's death in stride.