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Don't Answer the Phone

There’s the right way, the wrong way and the Hillary way. If you want to be a winner, Newsweek tells us how the smartest people on the planet get their email.  You want to be like them.


Hillary Clinton broke her silence Tuesday on the recent criticism over her use of a personal email server while Secretary of State, saying she did so “as a matter of convenience.”

“Looking back, it would have been better to use two separate emails and two separate phones”

The best people have two phones or alternatively — a private email server. Daily Mail headlines how convenient this is. Paraphrasing Hillary the paper summarizes her message at a press conference: I’ve deleted all my personal emails and the server will remain private: Hillary Clinton reveals HALF her inbox has not been handed over and says she used one account for convenience.

That suggests she has thousands more pages of personal emails as yet unrevealed.  And none of them were classified. Reuters  reveals that “former secretary of state Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday she did not email any classified material to anyone while at the State Department.”  How about that?

Why are we obsessing about all this technical minutiae? Vox’s Ezra Klein informs us that all the snarky remarks about Hillary will be forgotten once she starts campaigning against Republicans. “Obvious prediction: Dems will become more excited about Hillary as she begins running against Republicans.”

Laugh if you like, but the select know the tremendous power of mesmeric suggestion. “From this moment everything I say to you. Every single thing I say, no matter how silly or stupid it seems will instantly become your reality. Everything I say will instantly become your reality.” Look into my eyes, deep into my eyes …


Yes you will forget it.  And people will elect Hillary.  Just like they elected …

No matter. The important thing is that I’ve been getting it wrong all owning this one single lousy cell phone. I am going to rush out now to buy a second cell phone so that I can receive email from more than one account and be a winner. Here’s a question for the commenters. Can I get by with a dual SIM device? How many phones do people normally carry?

But the most important prerequisite for having lots of phones is having a correspondingly large number of people to call. Interestingly enough the New York Times’ Michael Shear says something that has often been said on the site before. The president can call on a lot of flunkeys, but not a lot of friends among his peers. Here’s how Shear puts it.

Mr. Obama’s strained association with Mr. Netanyahu, who has clashed with other American presidents as well, has been difficult from the start. But the absence of any real connection between them underscores the rule, not the exception, for Mr. Obama, who has only occasionally invested time in cultivating foreign leaders. …

“Personal relationships are not his style,” said Martin S. Indyk, a former special envoy for Middle East peace in the Obama administration who is now vice president of the Brookings Institution. Mr. Indyk said Mr. Bush and President Bill Clinton “yukked it up with everybody. With Obama, some he invested in, some he clicked with. But you could count them on one hand.”

White House officials say that while warm relationships may be desirable, they do not necessarily lead to success in American foreign policy, and that Mr. Obama has made headway without them.

“The president is driven by an assessment of our interests in dealing with world leaders,” said Benjamin J. Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser to Mr. Obama. “It’s more about how do you get off the talking points with somebody, see where they are coming from.”


Which is a really nice way of saying that the gregarious, likeable Obama portrayed on political ads isn’t what his peers see.  What they may actually discern is the picture emerging from the accounts. If Hillary is being candid about her communications practices it suggests an operation being run by a bunch of dishonest clowns.  And perhaps that is why the NYT notes that Obama has no close friends; not because he is intellectual and aloof but because they are shunning him like the plague. Any sane world leader would give wide berth to a president who operated on such a Mickey Mouse basis, whose principal officers — like Hillary — are so comically inept.

Word gets around and pretty soon the real players are “managing” you.  Still the volume of communications suggests that even if don’t have many real friends you are never lonely if you can disburse taxpayer dollars. That will ensure no shortage of charlatans, fixers, magic-men and operatives who will approach these fools on all manner of schemes.  Don’t you want two phones?

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Maybe not.

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