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Obama Furioso

The Christian Science Monitor  says that “when a journalist for Univision asked President Obama last week why he hasn’t fired Attorney General Eric Holder over the ‘Fast and Furious’ gun walking fiasco, the reporter, it turns out, had an inside scoop that added urgency to the question. At 7 p.m. on Sunday, Univision says it’ll air a blockbuster investigation detailing the impact of the deeply flawed gunrunning investigation, which operated between Oct. 2009 and January 2011.”

Blockbuster? Nothing affects Obama.

Like the recent attacks on American diplomatic facilities in the Middle East, responsibility for ‘Fast and Furious’ has never been laid the media at the doorstep of the Obama administration. Asked by Univision why he should not fire Attorney General Eric Holder, the President had a response. Bush did it.

The Washington Post wrote of that particular denial, “perhaps the president made a mistake, and he really meant to talk about gun-walking in general instead of a particular gun-walking operation. But he could also be trying to wash his hands of any accountability for a program that launched on his watch and allowed 2,000 powerful firearms to end up on U.S. and Mexican streets. Either way, we can’t let politicians get away with this sort of egregious factual mistake. Otherwise they’ll start making them on purpose.”

Why not lie on purpose? Here’s how it works. The National Journal poll of June 28, 2012 lays out the numbers from the Democratic perspective.  They reckon that while a few Hispanic voters may be angry at an administration for unleashing a wave of mayhem on Mexico what they mostly care about is immigration amnesty.

Will the recent developments involving immigration prompt higher Latino turnout in 2012 than in 2008?

DEMOCRATS (100 Votes)

Yes: 85%
No: 15%

How damaging are the “Fast and Furious” proceedings to President Obama?


Very damaging: 2%
Somewhat damaging: 23%
Not damaging: 75%

That’s a bingo!

So give ’em the Green Card and tell them to shove Fast and Furious where the sun don’t shine. And anyway, why sweat a few dead Mexicans when an article in the Washington Post concludes that the biggest threat to Hispanics in this election is — Romney! Well not just Romney but the entire Republican Party, which threatens to disenfranchise Hispanics and return them to slavery.

Civil rights groups are warning that as many as 10 million Hispanics may be deterred from casting ballots because of changes to voting laws.

In a report to be released Monday, the civil rights group Advancement Project cites the potential impact of newly restrictive photo identification laws, proof-of-citizenship requirements and late efforts in a few states to remove noncitizens from the voter rolls.

The Christian Science Monitor article continues. “The program will detail Fast and Furious ties to the massacre of 16 teenage boys and girls in Ciudad Juarez, the nation-shaking murder of Mario Gonzalez Rodriguez, the brother of the former Chihuahua attorney general, the extent to which the Mexican government knew about the program, and an interview with a drug trafficker who says he heard from colleagues that the US government was selling guns to the cartels.”

Why that should matter is a debatable proposition. If 2,000 guns had been smuggled into Canada without that governments permission and wound up killing hundreds some might even call it an act of war. But Mexicans? Chihuahua? Here’s the Green Card and shut up. The current administration may have been remiss at protecting US diplomatic facilities in the Middle East. But look who’s in jail?

I Ruined the President's Genius Plan

That's How It Works

Too bad the sitting President is Democrat. Otherwise there would have been a Pulitizer Prize for someone in the Fast and Furious story.

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