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The Fog of War

The Daily Mail reports: Day after his ‘arrest’, son of Gaddafi walks into a Tripoli hotel… and claims his father is safe and still in the capital The DM raised the possibility that aspects of the war were being negotiated, suggesting the Khadaffy’s knew where too many political bodies were buried.


The Libyan leader’s son Saif al-Islam, who had earlier been reported captured by rebel forces, was seen arriving in an armoured vehicle at the back of a hotel used by reporters and TV crews.

During a brief exchange, one journalist asked Saif if his father was safe and in Tripoli. ‘Of course,’ he replied.

He added: ‘We have broken the backbone of the rebels. It was a trap. We gave them a hard time, so we are winning’.

On Sunday the International Criminal Court itself had insisted the 39-year-old had been arrested and detained.

But wearing casual clothes last night and looking relaxed and confident, Saif beamed as he reached out to touch hands in the crowd and declared: ‘To hell with ICC’.

The Wall Street Journal says US officials believe Khadaffy has gone underground.

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s regime appears to be nearing collapse, but the colonel himself has apparently gone underground.

U.S. officials say they believe he is still in Libya, but if they have any more precise fix on his whereabouts, they aren’t sharing the details.

In a briefing Monday afternoon on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., where President Barack Obama is vacationing with his family, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the “best information” indicated that the Libyan strongman was still in Libya, whereabouts unknown….

Administration officials dismissed speculation that Col. Gadhafi had reached out to the U.S. government in an eleventh-hour bid to buy more time.


He Won't Be Easy To Find Underground

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