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The political controversy over whether Boeing illegally built a second 787 Dreamliner assemblyline in South Carolina continues to grow. ABC News says “A U.S. House committee takes to the road today for a politically charged field hearing in North Charleston, S.C., to determine whether the Boeing Co. violated labor laws by moving an assembly operation from Washington State to South Carolina.” It quotes a union spokesman as saying that the Republicans are exploiting the issue for political ends.


Tom Wroblewski, the district president of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers union, which filed the initial complaint with the NLRB, said the issue had been high-jacked by conservative politicians.

“Partisan politics, particularly on the right, have seized upon the issue and are spinning it to fit their broader anti-union or anti-Obama agendas,” he wrote in a letter to Boeing employees at the new South Carolina plant.

Those political allegations were covered by Wall Street Journal. Republicans are arguing the NLRB’s actions are part of “a broader pattern of the Obama administration favoring organized labor over economic growth.”

“Thousands of people will be unemployed if the NLRB complaint is successful,” Boeing employee Cynthia Ramaker testified. “Losing my job at Boeing will be personally catastrophic to myself and the workers at the North Charleston Boeing facility. We are home-owners, we have families that will be affected.”

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley called the NLRB move “an attack on states that work hard.” She added: “This needs to be the last time we need to deal with this.”


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