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The European led Libya mission continues

Reuters reports that air strikes against Khadaffi have entered their second day, quoting a report on a CBS website saying that 3 B-2 bombers dropped 40 bombs on a major Libyan airfield.  But the factuality of strike has not been officially confirmed as of this writing. Just how destructive that strike might potentially be can be inferred from the video after the Read More.

B-2s can hit multiple targets in one pass. A single B2 can wreck an entire base. Although the operation against Khadaffi has been described as European-led, a great deal of the hard power has come from the USN’s massive cruise missile strikes and the B-2s.

[youtube u88IjDi5Jhc]

President Obama is getting a lot of useful mileage out of a systems he once characterized as wasteful and dangerous. What else might he be wrong about, either then or now? Future combat systems? A world without nuclear weapons?

Military force is an extension of national political policy. If that policy is wise, then military force will advance international security and national interest. If that policy is unwise then military force can will have dysfunctional and destructive effects. Whether the administration is using force properly is a function of two things: a correct appreciation of the proper role of military power and second, a rational foreign policy. The worst of all possible worlds would be an administration which neither understands military power nor has a rational foreign policy. Then both the sword and the plowshare will be alike blunted in the pursuit of goals nobody can even coherently describe.

[youtube AtwRcZXrz0k]

Does the President know what he’s doing? We’ll soon find out.

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