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No Way In

Amazon has just listed my novel, No Way In,  on its online store.  Since it is in the action/adventure genre, the main goal of the book is to entertain.  At the most basic level it should just be fun to read. There ought to be enough action, chases and mystery to keep things moving right along.

At another level it is historical and political fiction,  unavoidable because like any other narrative, No Way In had to create a universe for its characters to live in.  People live in a time and inhabit a place, in this case one as realistic as possible and yet by nature, exotic.  Scenery and period can be a two-edged sword; the trick is to make it work for the characters rather than competing with them. Ultimately the success of any tale depends on creating characters any reader can imagine as himself. The blurb at the back of the book introduces the story of an ordinary person, who like most of us, is not quite as commonplace as he seems. He is thrust into an extraordinary predicament.

An obscure academic becomes the last person to talk to a politician who’s stolen an election for a corrupt president. When the politician is killed on an airliner before he can double cross his boss, a team of professional killers is told to clean up the last possible loose end. But Alex Francisco proves unexpectedly hard to tie off as he draws on survival skills acquired from years in the anti-Marcos underground. With the help of another underground veteran Alex Francisco evades his pursuers through the Australian Alps in a desperate race to decipher the dead man’s secrets and to see if he can give his faded life one last purpose.

And the character faces the challenge in ways that most of us might have or would have wanted to. As the Afterword puts it, “all that is possible is to spin a tale as it should have happened, to people who should have lived.” Hope you enjoy the book.

I’d like to ask that you submit any reviews on the book to the Amazon site itself. That is the customary method and it also helps float the book up to the top of the Amazon offerings list.

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