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Nancy Pelosi thinks the reason why questions about the Ground Zero mosque are following her around is because it’s been “all ginned up” and she has called for an investigation into who is funding those raising the questions. Pelosi’s remarks provide an insight into a world in which nothing happens unless it is bought and paid for. Since these are the rules the denizens of that universe have lived by, they cannot conceive of a world that does not run on pure corruption.


In the world they live in, everything has a price. Whenever anything is observed to happen, the question is always “who sent you”?

The Ground Zero mosque issue serves two functions, both of which are important. The first is to raise the question of how accountable the administration and the cultural elites are to the sensibilities of the country; and the second is to draw attention to the particular interests that are driving this issue.

The important thing to remember is that Pelosi’s call for an investigation into those opposed to building of the mosque are geared towards preventing any further discussion on the subject, not expanding it. Since the administration and its allies control vast prosecutorial resources and powers of publicity, an investigation of the Ground Zero mosque’s backers and those opposed will certainly focus on the opposition. The backers will be given a free ride.

The proximate cause of Pelosi’s pique was the fact that questions about the mosque were following her around like a bad penny. Like monarchs of a former era who wished to be freed from questioning gnats, she may have spoken aloud “will no one rid me of this turbulent” questioner? What in former times led to Murder in the Cathedral now leads to Investigations About the Mosque. And at Ground Zero too. If it sounds too crazy, maybe it is. That’s the theory of Charles Krauthammer, anyway, who thinks that the speaker is simply having a bad day.

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Krauthammer may be in error, however. The speaker may be crazy, but she rose to her present state by being “crazy like a fox.” Underneath the wild mask the elements of rational calculation are still there and her goals are to:

  1. distract attention from the funding of the mosque;
  2. change the subject to the funding of the questioners.

The good news for critics is that they appear to have hit upon an issue which, for reasons that are not entirely clear, Obama, Pelosi and Bloomberg feel compelled to defend, if not reluctantly then at least with a measure of desperation. It is almost as if their fists are in a monkey trap.

Those who are opposed to the mosque should take the cue to pour on the coal. So far as I can tell the hostility they feel toward the politicians who have advanced and continue to defend this affront are entirely spontaneous. An increasing number of people don’t need to be paid to feel antipathy towards the likes of Pelosi. They’ll do it for free.

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