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Are there any military history afficionados out there who think they pretty much know it all?  Here’s a question:  which vehicle would win in a straight drag race?  An M3 Stuart or a Japanese Type 95 tank? On paper, the two armored vehicles are evenly matched for speed. In this corner, the US Stuart M3 at 14.7 tons, 250 HP Continental W-670-9A, 7 Cylinder air-cooled radial. Facing it is the Imperial Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go at 7.4 tons powered by a 120 HP Mitsubishi NVD 6120 air-cooled diesel.

Amazingly, we know the answer. Allied troops raced both of them on film right after the war. The race starts at the 7:20 mark on this video.  You might want to guess the winner before watching. No cheating now.

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