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The Daily Mail describes how a mother unsuccessfully tried to get treatment for her newly born child only to be refused it by Britain’s NHS because the child was a few days under the limit set by government guidelines for intensive care.


Doctors left a premature baby to die because he was born two days too early, his devastated mother claimed yesterday. Sarah Capewell begged them to save her tiny son, who was born just 21 weeks and five days into her pregnancy – almost four months early. They ignored her pleas and allegedly told her they were following national guidelines that babies born before 22 weeks should not be given medical treatment. …

James Paget Hospital in Norfolk refused to comment on the case but said it was not responsible for setting the guidelines relating to premature births. A trust spokesman said: ‘Like other acute hospitals, we follow national guidance from the British Association of Perinatal Medicine regarding premature births.’

She [the mother] said: ‘When he was born, he put out his arms and legs and pushed himself over.

A midwife said he was breathing and had a strong heartbeat, and described him as a “little fighter”.

I kept asking for the doctors but the midwife said, “They won’t come and help, sweetie. Make the best of the time you have with him”.’


This may recall to mind the guidelines proposed by Dr. Zeke Emmanuel, Rahm’s brother, who is Barack Obama’s “Special Advisor for Health Policy”. In a paper entitled “Principles for allocation of scarce medical interventions”, he proposed the “complete lives system” which “produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated”. The baby described above got attenuated. A Belmont Club post on the subject reproduced this curve, found in Dr. Emmanuel’s study, showing the effect of this curve.

Complete Life

Plus, the Politico is reporting that: “Pelosi and Reid Tell President: We Have the Votes; President Wants Bill Passed Soon”.

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