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The Further Perils of Facebook

A woman who goes by the alias “Happy Slip” provides some pointers on how not to make a jackasss of yourself on FaceBook. The provenance of the Happy Slip moniker is given on her YouTube channel main page. It’s bizarre, but entirely plausbile I think, in households where several languages coexist on a more or less equal basis. She writes:

While growing up, my mom was always quick to remind me to wear a half slip with my dresses or skirts. She would say “Be sure to wear your hap eslip!!”. So I grew up thinking the term was always “happy slip”, until I was corrected by classmates who asked me if I had a sad slip as well.

But the advice on Facebook is useful because the slips you make on it are not necessarily “happy slips”. A city in Montana, for example, requires all its employees to surrender their Facebook and other social networking site passwords in order to ensure that the proper online image of its staff is maintained at all times. “Before we offer people employment in a public trust position, we have a responsibility to do a thorough background check. This is just a component of a thorough background check.” A number of “reputation management” companies are out there in fact, with promises to clean up your online image for a fee. In due time the only reputation you will care about is your online reputation. Decarte’s famous axiom will be rewritten as, “I post, therefore I probably exist.”

[youtube KV4PNwpqsCc]

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