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June the 20th

UPI is reporting serious casualties among the Iranian demonstrators.

TEHRAN, June 20 (UPI) — At least 19 people were killed Saturday in clashes between police and protesters in Tehran, hospital sources told CNN. CNN said there were unconfirmed reports the death toll was much higher, at least 150. Video posted on the Web showed police using nightsticks, water cannon, tear gas and fire hoses, with some footage of protesters who looked like they had been shot.


Links to the video via Hot Air Pundit.

[youtube 549KZUU2tdU]

[youtube RwU9lZnVNzM]

What you are watching is a vast classroom in action. This is what used to be called a “radicalizing experience”. All the people you see on the video, for however long they live, will remember where they were this day. Whatever happens outwardly the old Iranian regime can never put things back together in quite the same way again because the interior landscape of the country has changed. It has been said that “what is essential is invisible to the eye.” This date has marked itself; and the calendar has singled out the day as a landmark not of a passage to a place, but of a transition between one idea and another.  They are on the other side.

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