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History will probably remember the Guantanamo Bay prison for longer than the already forgotten Prison S-21, where up to 20,000 people were tortured and killed by the Khmer Rouge. “Even though the vast majority of the victims were Cambodian, foreigners were also imprisoned, including Vietnamese, Laotians, Indians, Pakistanis, Britons, Americans, New Zealanders and Australians.” These were captured on the high seas as they were sailing through the South China Sea. “They included four Americans, three French, two Australians, a Briton and a New Zealander. One of the last prisoners to die was American Michael Scott Deeds, who was captured with his friend Chris De Lance while sailing from Singapore to Hawaii.”

And the UN war crimes tribunal according to a CNN correspondent, is on the verge of collapsing because its tribunal officials have been bribed or are corrupt. The trial has already cost the World Body $100 million dollars. But don’t worry, the UN is going to fix the problem by sending “ethics monitors” to attend it and sending any available UN internal affairs investigation results to the Cambodian government.