Belmont Club

In Afghanistan

Scott Kesterton sends this message:

As many of you know, I am back in Afghanistan working on a new project. I am staying exclusively in the East. I am currently in Gardez, and will be heading south towards the Shahi-Kot Valley, then southeast towards Bermel near the Pakistan border, ending in areas in the Khowst bowl.

I have two new blogs, and a Twitter site that are listed below. I hope you follow along.

* Blog: Where Is Kilroy? (
* Blog: Solo Journalism (

I’ve added Scott to the blogmap on

I ‘ve also added his RSS feed to the Afghanistan page. My goal is to fill out the map with on the ground bloggers, whether inside the US or out of it. In that way, I hope publishers can write to these bloggers directly to commission articles. The blogmap, when it gets populated, might be a useful resource in identified where the who are.