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Standing in the way of the future

I haven’t been following events Europe as closely as I should, but the controversy over the Czech President’s refusal to hang the EU flag from Prague Castle seems to encapsulate what may be the biggest political conflict of the 21st century: the division between those who see themselves as the vanguard of their self-apprehended future and the custodians of an actual heritage. The Telegraph reports:


The French president sided with federalist Euro-MPs who are engaged in a bitter feud with Vaclav Klaus, the Czech president and a Eurosceptic. Senior MEPs, including the president of the European Parliament, Hans Gert Poettering, caused a diplomatic incident ten days ago after demanding that Mr Klaus hoist the European flag over his residence during bad tempered talks in Prague.

Some rose to the defense of the Czech President.

[youtube ho06OTM8fm0]

Even in the US and Australia, many may now be asking themselves: “who am I to stand in the way of progress? Who to doubt the truth of global warming? The wisdom of the world government?”

The last two posts have addressed the question paradox of why activism, which detests money, should need it. The other question is why activism,  which professes egalitarianism, should resort to the appeal of aristocracy. But as I said, what can I tell you?

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