WaPo slams Chris Matthews' MSNBC TV special on Bill Clinton

This morning the Washington Post’s TV critic Hank Stuever artfully throws a stink bomb at MSNBC’s Chris Matthew. According to Stuever’s review, the anchor apparently sends a vapid fawning love note to former President Bill Clinton in the form of a one hour network TV special about the former president. The apparent reason for the televised sweetheart note : well it’s President’s Day!


Money Quote: “For much of the hour, you’ll wonder if you’re watching one of Robert Smigel’s old ‘X-Presidents’ cartoon parodies for ‘Saturday Night Live.'”

More Stuever observations: “Nothing new is revealed or reflected upon, except how good he feels at 64, and what a charge he gets out of globe-trotting. We learn little of the partnerships and financial underpinnings of the nonprofit Clinton Global Initiative and its philanthropic offshoots. We get little insight into Clinton’s daily life as a millionaire VIP.”

Bill Clinton now lives a charmed, post-presidential life, and I guess Matthews has a crush on him. By offering this TV bouquet at Clinton, Stuever says Matthews wants to “remain at the forefront of the celebripoliticomedia hive mind.”




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