The Message

“No doubt the ugly head of freedom has reared its head again.” (at 1:30)

[youtube 16yotMr5bUM?fs=1&hl=en_US]

The guy in the video says, “we do not believe in freedom.”  A lot of people will say, ‘this is the Islamic Terry Jones’.  In all justice, Terry Jones and his adherents never flew a plane into anything. But the idea would be that if each side could restrain its radicals, then “moderates” could dominate the discourse.


The problem is that there appears to be an asymmetry of willingness and expectation. This reflects itself in a policy that “handicaps” the Westerner, perhaps in the belief that the onus of giving way is upon him. But the question remains. How much of the War on Terror is driven by the same expansionary quality that brough Islam to where it is today?

Maybe burning the Koran is a truly bad idea. Maybe we should read it.


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