Western Leaders Want Islamic Terror to Seem ‘Normal’

As hardly a few days pass without an Islamic terror attack in the West — recently an “Allahu Akbar”-shouting man stabbed a Jew in France and an “Allahu Akbar”-screaming woman ran over two policemen in Canada — the West risks becoming desensitized. Of seeing Islamic violence as “just part of life.”


The words and deeds of Western leaders are not helping.

After the Islamic terror attack in Nice, France, where 84 were killed, counterterrorism chief Patrick Calvar said:

Today, France is clearly the most threatened country. The question about the threat is not to know “if” but “when” and “where.”

Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared:

Terrorism … is a threat that weighs heavily on France and will continue doing so for a long time.

As if such resignation wasn’t bad enough, at the memorial event for the 84 Nice victims Valls declared:

Times have changed and we should learn to live with terrorism.

Actually, the main thing in France to change with time is its demography. The largest Muslim population of Europe resides there and, in accordance’s with Islam’s Rule of Numbers, is the real reason why France “should learn to live with terrorism.”

More apathy was in the air during the Munich massacre, where a Muslim gunman killed nine.

While somberly addressing the massacre still in progress — with the usual boilerplate “our hearts go out to [X victim of terror]” — U.S. President Obama managed to crack a joke, grin, chuckle, and draw laughter from his audience.

After all, what is the big deal? Shouldn’t we be used to Muslims rampaging and killing by now? And really, what’s nine dead compared to the many hundreds killed by Islamic terrorists around the world in recent weeks?


The leader of the nation where the attack took place, Angela Merkel, waited almost 24 hours before she delivered yet another perfunctory speech containing all the usual words, condolences, and platitudes.

Then again, what was the hurry? Muslims abusing, raping, and killing Germans in Germany is old hat.

A new poll by ZDF found that a record 75 percent of Germans “expect — which is not unlike accept — more terror attacks in their nation. Must a statement be made after every single one?

Smaller Islamic terror attacks which once would have been extremely newsworthy — and received condemnation from the highest echelons of the political rung — now receive obligatory or no media coverage, and little comment.

On July 18 in Germany, another “Allahu Akbar”-shouting, axe-waving Muslim attacked train passengers and critically injured five. The next day, in France, a Muslim man stabbed a woman and her three daughters — the eight-year-old was left with a punctured lung and in critical condition — for being “scantily dressed.”

There were no immediate comments from Merkel and Valls.

See here for numerous other examples of “minor” and “everyday” Muslim disturbances in Europe — such as vandalizing churches and urinating on St. Mary statues — that now receive little or no coverage or comment.

Westerners better wise up: in the field of behavioral psychology, “systematic desensitization” is a well-known and effective form of graduated exposure therapy used “to help effectively overcome phobias and other anxiety disorders.” Consider the following succinct definition with my examples in brackets:


Systematic desensitization is when the client [the West] is exposed to the anxiety-producing stimulus [Islamic violence] at a low level [reports and images of Islamic violence “over there” in the Mideast], and once no anxiety is present a stronger version of the anxiety-producing stimulus is given [reports of violence closer to home, in the West]. This continues until the individual client [the West] no longer feels any anxiety towards the stimulus [Islamic violence].

Is this the plan?

Are the “global elite” producing situations, such as the manufactured “migrant crisis,” that cause the West to experience incrementally worse forms of Islamic violence, until it becomes desensitized, loses its “phobia” — in this case, “Islamophobia” — and simply “learns to live with terrorism,” as in the words of France’s prime minister?

Indeed, if the attacks were to fall back to, say, just once a month, many might accept that as a “positive step” they can live with — at least in comparison to what they’ve been living with, including four Islamic attacks during one recent week in Germany alone.

“Conspiracy theories” aside, a much better way exists.

Acknowledge the truth — Islam is inherently violent and intolerant — and build policies on this truth.


A ban on or serious vetting of Muslim immigration — which a majority of Americans support — and close monitoring of already existing mosques and Islamic centers would virtually eliminate Islamic terror from America.

The fact remains: unlike natural disasters — earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and such — we actually do not need to live with Islam.


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