PJM Political 3/6/08: The Director's Cuts

Many of the segments on each week’s edition of PJM Political are edited to fit the show’s hour-long length. To hear the full-length versions of the edited interviews presented this week, just follow the links below:


  • Bill Bradley, the host of PJM Political provides a full recap of Obama and Hillary’s dueling for voters in Ohio and Texas. Click here to listen.
  • Ed Driscoll interviews Ed Morrissey, on both the election of 2008 and his recent affiliation with Hot Air.com, Michelle Malkin’s group blog. Click here to listen.
  • James Lileks’ take on the Hillary camp circulating a 2006 photo of Barack Obama in Somali garb. Click here to listen.
  • Finally, for the videos of Roger L. Simon and Michael Weiss from the Politics Online Conference in Washington, DC, click here.
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