A Double Hat Trick: McCain, Obama Take Virginia, Maryland, and DC

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CNN: Live results

CNN Political Ticker: Hillary Fails to Congratulate Obama – Again

Rob Bluey: Why I Voted for Barack Obama

The Fix: More bad news for Hillary: Her deputy campaign manager resigns


Leon Wieseltier: Reasons to be skeptical of Barack Obama

The Moderate Voice: Why Hillary is Losing

Richard Miniter: McCain’s victory and the anti-McCain vote

John Dickerson: Obama’s eating away at Clinton’s base

New York Times:: “Mr. McCain was preferred by more affluent and better-educated voters. People who consider themselves moderates, Catholics and those who live in Northern Virginia were more likely to back him. On the Democratic side in Virginia, Mr. Obama’s strength crossed a range of demographic groups, as he gleaned majority support from voters regardless of age, income and education. He was backed by independents and Democrats, liberals, moderates and conservatives.”

CNN: And D.C. makes three for Obama and McCain

CNN: Obama, McCain win Maryland

ABC News: Obama, McCain win Virginia


The Corner: Early GOP exits show McCain up big in MD, tight race in VA

Bob Herbert: “February can’t end soon enough for Senator Hillary Clinton.”


Ed Morrissey: “I’ll predict sweeps by both McCain and Obama. For McCain, I’d guess that he wins Virginia by nine, with Huckabee’s mini-surge falling a bit short. Maryland will go to McCain by twenty points, meaning McCain will take at least 23 of the state’s 37 delegates. He’ll take DC’s 19 delegates in the winner-take-all contest by at least five points, giving him 105 delegates at night’s end to Huckabee’s 14, and the gap will increase to almost 600.”

NY Post: Latino Dem bigshot Steven Ybarra slams Hillary.

WSJ: “In another year, against another candidate, Illinois’s Sen. Obama might be on the verge of nabbing the Democratic nomination. A few Democratic strategists, and some Republicans, think he is almost there now. But Sen. Clinton is no average candidate, and party rules give the New York senator enough convention delegates to weather February’s squalls until contests in March.”

The Ticker: An inconvenient wait — Al Gore won’t endorse.

WTVR-TV: Virginia poll shows Obama and McCain with sizeable leads, but Huckabee gaining strength quickly.


CBS: Obama riding his wave of momentum

WSJ: Hillary touts her “battle scars” as an advantage

AP: “Against overwhelming odds, Mike Huckabee keeps brushing off calls to drop his presidential bid for the good of the Republican Party.”

The Plank: “What does it say about the firmness of McCain’s support when, within 72 hours, McCain loses 26 points among conservative voters?”

NYT: Hillary’s donors are getting worried

KJ Lopez: Prominent Virginia conservative Paul Weyrich endorses Huckabee

Jennifer Rubin: “For McCain, Huckabee’s ongoing presence may strangely help him make the case to skeptics on the right that he is not so bad after all.”

Ross Douthat: What Huckabee Wants

Reuters: Facts About the “Potomac Primaries”


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