McCain, Clinton Take Florida, Giuliani and Edwards Dropping Out

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Fox News: Rudy to drop out, endorse McCain

NH Union Leader: Hillary can’t be trusted – she broke her promise not to campaign in Florida


Don Surber: It’s going to be John McCain. We conservatives are going to have to deal with it.

47% Reporting: McCain 35%, Romney 32%, Giuliani 15%, Huckabee 13%

The Corner: Why McCain should be grateful to both Giuliani and Huckabee

Marc Ambinder: “Are exits screwy? 49% of voters say economy was top issue, but McCain wins plurality of them?”

CNN, FOX News project Clinton will win Democratic primary

CNN Calls It For John McCain

AP: Lieberman rules out McCain running-mate role

Time: Giuliani to endorse McCain as early as Wednesday

Jay Cost: “Another interesting note from metro Tampa. With 77% of precincts reporting in Pasco County, John McCain has a 2,800 vote lead. There is still an insignificant number of precincts from the other metro Tampa counties, but this is an intriguing early result.”

CNN: Live results

The Caucus: Could Florida matter to Dems too?

New York Times: Republicans make final pitches, high turnout expected

AFL-CIO: Florida race highlights key issues for seniors

Michelle Malkin: Huge turnout reported, so much for the enthusiasm gap

Washington Post: Looking at the race for Florida through the lens of geography

Campaign Spot: Jon Voight in Florida: “From God, Rudy Giuliani Came”


Orlando Sentinel: Property tax amendment also bringing voters to the polls.

Sun-Sentinel: Minor voting glitches reported, independents going for McCain.

Marc Ambinder: Romney aired eight times as many ads in Florida as McCain

IMAO: Romney needs to grow a goatee and shave his head

Associated Press: More than a million ballots cast before 7 a.m.

James Kirchick: Iraq success could mean the end of Giuliani

Michael Tomasky: “Romney tries, not very convincingly, to say he can vanquish terrorists too. McCain barely even tries to say he can run an economy.”

Redstate: Florida may decide the next president

Riptide 2.0: Jesus endorses Huckabee

South Florida Sun-Sentinel: The last hoorah for touch screen voting

AP: Romney to McCain: “You are a liberal.” McCain to Romney: “No, you are a liberal.”

Daily Kos: Goodbye Rudy, Hello GOP Acrimony

The Field: Republican Nail Biter in Florida: Too Close to Call?

WCBS: “A new Quinnipiac University poll has McCain at 32 percent. Mitt Romney is at 31, Giuliani at 14 and Mike Huckabee at 13.”

Miami Herald: Florida primary turnout may set record. “Nearly one million Floridians have already cast early and absentee ballots in the state’s primary, a sign that moving up the date of the presidential primary will likely yield a record turnout on Tuesday.


Hot Air: Allahpundit collects predictions

Campaign Spot: John McCain held a conference call with bloggers yesterday: “We’re flying all over the state of Florida … and [will] do an event in Tampa with Governor Crist. It’s a coup to have him signed on. We’re locked in a tight race.”

Guardian: “Giuliani ends Florida campaign before dwindled crowds.”

Dave Barry: The Florida primary explained.

LA Times’ Top of the Ticket: Rudy Giuliani hinting at dropping out?

Politico: “With Florida Sen. Mel Martinez and Gov. Charlie Crist throwing him their support, [McCain] might be able to drive local coverage in the final hours and obscure the economic message rival Mitt Romney used to dominate last week.”


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