Romney Takes Michigan

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CNN: Michigan Independents stayed home

Powerline: “The media should stop trying to pressure candidates to drop out every time they don’t win a primary, and Republicans should value a candidate like Romney who is willing and able to compete not just here and there, but effectively across the country.”


Andrew Sullivan: “[Clinton] and Romney have one thing in common: two focus-grouped cynical dynastic holograms.”

Captain’s Quarters: Big loss for Huckabee. “If ever a state outside of Iowa was primed for an economic populist, it was Michigan.”

Michael Crowley: “The fact that 70 percent of African-Americans in Michigan tonight voted ‘uncommited’ rather than for Hillary strikes me as a far more dramatic and relevant story.”

Mark Steyn: “McCain’s loss is bad… He needed a win not just for poll momentum but for cash-raising.”

John Podhoretz: “Romney’s victory in Michigan is a testament to his remarkable elasticity.”

New York Times: No GOP Anchor in Sight

Romney: “It’s a victory of optimism over Washington-style pessimism.”

ABC News: Michigan GOP Makes Mitt Romney’s Night

New York Times calls it for Romney.

BREAKING: NBC projects Romney winner in Michigan

contentions: John Podhoretz liveblogging Dem debate

Drudge Report: Romney 38%, McCain 31%, Huckabee 16% (less than 1% of precincts reporting)

AP: Early Michigan Exit Poll Results

CNN: Live Results

Drudge Report: Exit polls: Romney 34, McCain 29, Huckabee 16

Captain’s Quarters: Liveblogging

Jonathan Martin: McCain’s camp already trying to spin the meaning of a loss

National Review: Judging by his event turnouts, McCain’s message seems to be hitting home with Michigan vets


The Trail: Today’s primary could push GOP toward first brokered convention in over 50 years.

Election Projection: Michigan predictions

Rightwing Nuthouse: “A loss in Michigan could deflate McCain’s balloon faster than it expanded while setting Mitt Romney up as the next victim/frontrunner.”

Politico: Unemployed Michigan woman in Romney photo op was staffer’s mom

Campaign Spot: Bad weather in Michigan is bad news for McCain, better for Romney and Huckabee

Detroit News: Democrats call Edwards and Obama-less ballot “unfair”

Michelle Malkin: McCain booed on illegal immigration at AFL-CIO event (with video)

Daily Kos: Vote Republican! Vote for Romney!

Matthew Yglesias: Kos’ crossover call is a win-win.

Salon: Is Romney Taking Michigan for a Ride?

Detroit News: Six questions the Michigan vote will help answer

NY Times: Candidates Cruise the Auto Show

LA Times: Michigan African-American Democrats angry they can’t vote for Obama

Fox News: It’s make or break for Romney today


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