Huckabee, Obama Take Round One: On to New Hampshire!

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Michelle Malkin: “Ok. Now that Barack Obama has won a resounding victory in 94.9 percent white Iowa, will the MSM and the Dems stop yammering about racist, un-diverse voters already?”


Peggy Noonan: “We wanted exciting, we got exciting.”

Dick Morris: Hillary on the ropes, but far from out.

Jonathan Alter: “Who Can Stop Obama?”

Charles Hurt @ NY Post: “Awaiting her coronation here last night, Hillary Rodham Clinton instead faced a seething revolt within her own party. More than 70 percent of Iowa Democrats rejected her bid to get back into the White House.”

The Moderate Voice: Obama 1, Black Democratic Establishment 0

Riehl World View: Romney’s Mistake: He’s Been Too Negative

Political Ticker: Obama wins the woman vote

Snarskmith: Why Iowa doesn’t matter.

David Freddoso @ The Corner: “As the results shake out, nothing is settled on the Republican side, except that Romney is the only Republican loser of the night. It’s hard to see how he comes back from this.”

Politico: “A Clinton supporter forwards the talking points the campaign dispatched to surrogates around the country, which focus on process – that the race is a “marathon” and that she started behind in Iowa – and include just one line of substance, a clear signal that the card she has left to play is the one she rolled out in recent weeks: security and risk.”

Iowahawk liveblogged the precinct party at his house

CNN Election Center: Live results

Obama’s Victory Speech [Video]

TIME: A Second-Place “Victory” For Edwards?


ABC News: Thompson is staying in the race.

John Podhoretz: “With no one especially strong on the Republican side through the first few states, the Giuliani strategy of betting it all on Florida on January 29 and the big states on February 5 is looking better than it did a week ago.”

John Ellis: Romney is all but doomed now.

Roger L. Simon: Tales of Hillary: Seeing a Ghost in New Hampshire

Powerline: “Iowa has given its seal of approval to (1) a one-term Senator who stands for ‘hope’ and ‘change’ and (2) a tacky, big spending governor who doesn’t know much about foreign policy but did stay at a Holiday Inn Express. The common denominator here, other than a patent lack of qualifications for the presidency, is likeability.”

Andrew Sullivan: “Both campaigned as human beings, not programmed campaign robots with messages honed in focus groups. Both faced powerful and monied establishments in both parties. And both are running two variants on the same message: change…”

MSNBC: Biden, Dodd drop out of Democratic race

A Photo-Blogged Caucus (Gateway Pundit)

Politico: Iowa Leaves GOP in Total Disarray

AP: “Sen. Hillary Clinton, unbowed by a third-place finish in the Iowa Democratic caucuses, hailed a ‘great night for Democrats’ and said the strong turnout pointed for sure to the election of a Democratic president in November.”


Matthew Yglesias: “I think the manner of Barack Obama’s win is pretty impressive. I can’t be the only one who was a bit inclined toward a cynical roll of the eyes at the idea of winning on the back of unprecedented turnout, mobilizing new voters, brining in young people, etc.”

TPM Election Central: “Now that Obama has been projected as the winner, Edwards adviser Joe Trippi is already out there declaring that the main significance of tonight’s race is that Edwards held his own against Hillary.”

Glenn Reynolds: “Huckabee’s giving a great speech: Says the election proves that ‘people are more important than the purse.’ He’s good at this stuff.”

Hot Air: Huckabee Chairman Ed Rollins’ strange victory speech [Video]

Arianna Huffington: “Barack Obama’s stirring victory in Iowa — down home, folksy, farm-fed, Midwestern, and 92 percent white Iowa — says a lot about America, and also about the current mindset of the American voter.”

Maggie’s Farm: “I’d now call this the Post-Obama Era for race relations in the US – an era in which victimhood has definitively lost whatever remaining persuasiveness it had. Obama did not run as a black man: he ran as a man.”

Daily Background: Edwards and Clinton claw for 2nd place.

ABC: Obama Takes Iowa; Second, Third Place Too Close to Call.


CNN: It’s Huckabee, Obama.

MSNBC: Huckabee, Obama take Iowa.

ABC News: Obama Will Win Iowa Democratic Caucuses. Huckabee to Win in GOP

Politico: “Mike Huckabee won a convincing victory among Republicans, while Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards appeared to be in a tight battle for victory.”

AP: “Heavy turnout was slowing Iowa’s precinct caucuses and could delay the process taking place at nearly 1,800 spots across the state.”

CNN: “Early results in Iowa show John Edwards with a narrow lead over rivals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.”

Jonathan Martin: “It’s just anecdotal at this point, but I’m getting early anecdotal buzz about heavy turnout at some GOP precincts.”

FNC: “The Iowa caucuses sites were reportedly more heavily populated than expected Thursday night as voters traveled to familiar places to throw their support to their choice of presidential candidate.”

Des Moines Register: “Turnout appears to be high for the four Democratic caucuses at Valley High School in West Des Moines…The Obama campaign, as well as those of former Sen. John Edwards and Sen. Hillary Clinton, are out in full force, with supporters armed with stickers pouncing on caucus-goers as they walk in the door.”

Politico: Off to the races: “In 1,781 precincts across the frigid face of Iowa, Republicans and Democrats started meeting at 8 p.m. EST to begin winnowing tightly bunched fields in both parties and start setting the contours of what is likely to be an unparalleled nomination sprint.”


Election Projection: A roundup of Iowa predictions

Captain’s Quarters: “Push-polling calls have gone out to Iowans warning of the troubles voters will face from an Edwards or Obama nomination. Now who could have paid for those calls…Hillary Clinton?”

John McIntyre: What the Major Candidates Need Tonight

Marc Ambinder: Clinton Revises Turnout Model Up

Ben Smith: “The Obama spin is, more or less: ‘We’re going to win.’…But the (rational) decision to ride the optimism after the Register poll means that if Obama fails to pull it out, there will be a somewhat more intense sense of disappointment.”

Dick Polman’s American Debate: ” [The Democrats’ caucus rules] are a Byzantine labyrinth that appears to have been concocted by Franz Kafka, Lewis Carroll, and Joseph Heller. And Democrats don’t even release the popular vote of their participants.”

Robert Novak: “Iowa, with its passionately liberal caucus-goers not suited for triangulation, always was a problem for Clinton.”

Gallup: “A review of Gallup historical data on national Republicans’ and Democrats’ presidential nomination preferences shows that the results of the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary have the potential to shift national preferences, sometimes dramatically.”

David Freddoso: “Huckabee’s campaign is also clearly disorganized. Former Iowa House Speaker Brent Siegrist, a Romney backer, told me that he has received four phone calls from Huckabee’s campaign urging him to vote, despite the fact that he told the callers the first time that he will be caucusing for Romney.”


Iowa Independent: Richardson Will Send Obama Second-Round Support

Michelle Malkin: “Yes, the rules are bizarre … Still, the process does have its benefits.”

CNN: “Presidential candidates have been wooing voters in Iowa for months, but who wins Thursday may simply come down to where the caucus-goers live, where they meet and the weather.”

Zogby: Frontrunners Clinton, Huckabee slip as both races deadlock. Clinton, Obama in tie with Edwards close behind; Romney gains as McCain drops slightly.

Wired: Will YouTube Shyness Disrupt the Iowa Caucuses?

Robert Novak predicts: Romney, Obama winning; Hillary Clinton 3rd

Gay Patriot covering Iowa on BlogTalk Radio

AP: Iowa pastors who support Huckabee get anonymous warning letters

Dick Morris’s Iowa Scorecard (NY Post)

Rolling Stone: Five unlikely results that you shouldn’t be shocked to see when the final precinct tallies come in.

Hot Air: Thompson says Politico story was “made up.”

Politico: Thompson Likely To Drop Out and Throw Support To McCain if Iowa Results Are Bad

Vodkapundit: How will Ron Paul supporters deal with the arcane rules of caucusing?

IHT: “Because the caucuses, held in the early evening, do not allow absentee voting, they tend to leave out nearly entire categories of voters.”

NY Post: Candidates spending $200 for each vote

Politico: “Should Hillary Clinton have skipped Iowa?”


Clever Romney Ad Whacks Huckabee – and Chuck Norris

Mickey Kaus: Is Obama the Black Gary Hart?

MSNBC: How the Media Will Spin Iowa

Evangelical Outpost: A 30-Day Crash Course in Presidential Politics

ABC News: Clinton Camp Pre-Spinning Possible Bad News

Crooks and Liars: Chris Dodd Says He Won’t “Auction Off” His Iowa Supporters

Huckabee Leaves Iowa – Crosses Picket Lines to Play Guitar on Jay Leno (Chicago Tribune)

The Frontrunner? “Undecided” (San Francisco Chronicle)


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