Ghostbusters 3 Starts Shooting in Summer

via Aww Crap, GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Shoots Next Summer | Badass Digest.

Terrible news: Ghostbusters 3 shoots next summer. This information was buried deep inside a Deadline article about Ivan Reitman’s next film, Draft Day, which may have to be delayed if it bumps up against the scheduled shooting dates for the dreaded sequel.

Or is it a remake? Rumors recently held that Ghostbusters 3 would just redo the whole thing, an option certain to piss people off – but one that would make me happy, as it doesn’t dilute the original brand. I’m weird like that; a remake is ignorable, but a sequel demands consideration. As much as I’d like to pretend there are only two (three, if I’m feeling charitable) Indiana Jones movies, I cannot ignore the basic existence of Crystal Skull.



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