What Did James Holmes Say to Provoke a Ban From the University of Colorado?

via Prosecutors: Holmes was banned from university after threats – CBS News.

(CBS/AP) DENVER – Prosecutors say the suspect in the Colorado theater shooting made threats and was banned from the University of Colorado after failing a key exam six weeks before the rampage.

Prosecutors made the accusations about James Holmes in court Thursday as they tried to convince a judge to let them see records from the university, where Holmes had been a neuroscience doctoral candidate.

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Prosecutors also claim professors had urged Holmes to get into another line of work before the shooting and invalidated his student ID in June. Attorney Karen Pearson didn’t disclose where their information came from.

Defense lawyer Daniel King objected to the release of the records, calling the prosecution’s request a “fishing expedition.”

“They already know all about Mr. Holmes’ history at CU. Why is it necessary to get more information when they have all the evidence, they have what they’re seeking?” he said.

King added that the “prosecution is fishing around looking for motive. Motive is irrelevant. Intent is irrelevant.”



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