'Anchorman' and 'American Dad!' Star Says He Bets Trump Will Be Out of Office by February

David Koechner is a major comedic actor; he got his big break on Saturday Night Live and then went on to appear on The Office and American Dad! and to star in Anchorman and Talladega Nights. But, while many of his characters would be considered right wing, he certainly is not.


Koechner was cornered by TMZ while coming out of LAX and asked if he agrees with his Anchorman co-star, Will Ferrell, that President Trump acts a lot like the character of Ron Burgundy. He replied, “Well, Ron Burgundy, he’s a fake person, and Donald Trump is a fake president.” He then created a gambling-esque bet with the reporter, alleging that Trump will be removed from office for “international money laundering” by February of 2018. And that was his outside bet!

The actor also dehumanized the president by saying “he’s an awful thing, I can’t even say person.” And then the TMZ reporter said, “I’m with you, David.”



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