Delusional Obama: 'Race Relations Have Gotten Better'

Remember when President Obama had a beer with a Harvard professor and a police officer, and told us that race relations would be greatly improved over the course of his presidency. Well… one day after the violent attack on a mentally disabled kid, which has been dubbed an anti-Trump and anti-white hate crime, Obama’s still saying “race relations have gotten better.” Is he living in the same world the rest of us are?!? Even his buddies in the mainstream media are citing stories of a rising number of hate speech and acts.


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“Part of what technology allows us to see now is the terrible toll that racism, discrimination and hate takes on families and communities.” President Obama on Thursday said the attack streamed on Facebook Live in which assailants were shown beating a mentally disabled man while shouting racial slurs and anti-Donald Trump statements was "despicable," but not a sign of worsening race relations.

Posted by Fox News on Thursday, January 5, 2017



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