Buyer's Remorse: States Where You Can Change Your Early Vote

As the 2016 presidential campaign continues to heat up, what is a voter to do if the latest bombshell is a vote-changing development?

The issue has received new attention because of the expected record number of early votes that will be cast in the 2016 presidential election. Some estimates are that up to 40% of voters will have cast their ballots before the polls open Tuesday, November 8.


All hope is not lost if you live in a state that allows you to change your early vote. For example, Wisconsin allows a voter to change her mind up to three times.

“We would let the individual, the voter, vote again and document that this was their second ballot issued. We’d keep a record of that, so they would only have up to three opportunities,” Oshkosh City Clerk Pam Ubrig told WBAY.

States that allow an early voter to change their mind: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and Mississippi.

If you live in one of those states and indeed want to change your vote, contact your state’s registrar of voters to get directions on how to do so. You have 7 days left until election day.


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