Hillary: Bill Shouldn't Step Down from Foundation Until I Win

Former President Bill Clinton shakes hands as he marches with union members in the annual Labor Day parade, Monday, Sept. 5, 2016 in Detroit. His visit to the city comes two days after his wife's opponent, Donald Trump, visited a predominantly black church in the city. The parade's theme is "Your Vote is Your Voice" and is expected to draw prominent Michigan Democrats and thousands of unionized workers. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Democrat candidate for president Hillary Clinton said on Monday that her husband Bill should not have to step down from the controversial Clinton Foundation until after she wins the election in November.


“He started this great work. He has made it his life’s work, after the presidency. And he has said, if I am so fortunate enough to be elected, he will not be involved. And I think that is appropriate,” Hillary Clinton told ABC News in an interview that will air in full on Tuesday morning.

Clinton said she didn’t think there was a conflict of interest having Bill soliciting money from rich people and foreign entities for the foundation while she runs for president. Perhaps some of these  recent “donations” come with an unspoken understanding for favorable treatment under a Hillary Clinton presidency? No matter, Hillary doesn’t see it that way. Nor did she see it that way when she was at the State Department.

The Clinton Foundation was also taking foreign donations while Hillary was secretary of State, and questions were raised about whether donors to the foundation received favorable treatment at the State Department.

“I know that that’s what has been alleged and never proven,” she said. “But nevertheless, I take it seriously.”


Bill Clinton has already said he would resign from the foundation if Hillary wins the presidency. The former president defended his charitable work while campaigning at an AFL-CIO picnic on Labor Day.

“They even went after my foundation last week,” he said of the Trump campaign. “Now that was really funny, to me, somebody asked me what I thought about it, I said, Well, here’s what I did. I was sort of Robin Hood, except I didn’t rob anybody, I just asked people with money to give it to people who didn’t have money and we, and we tried to use it in America and around the world to save jobs, to create jobs, and to save lives.”


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