Who Are the Best Characters in the Star Trek Universe?


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Earlier this week we started a discussion about Star Trek: How Would You Rank the Star Trek Movies?

Who’s up for a continuation? What Trek-themed debates should PJ Lifestyle explore?

Here are some character-based questions for today:

1. Which of the Captains is the most dynamic, well-written, emotionally engaging character?

(Editor’s Note: I’m a Benjamin Sisko and Deep Space Nine partisan and will explain why in a future list post… Any others in my Trek tribe out there? Exhibit A for Sisko’s supremacy in the Trek pantheon below…)

2. Who are the most interesting characters on Star Trek: Voyager?

3. Is Worf a strong enough character to warrant his own spin-off show?

4. What about villains and bad guys? Q? Khan? Gul Dukat? The Borg? Have any of the series’ enemies really hit the mark?

5. What are some new Star Trek shows you’d like to see? Here are some great ideas from one of PJ Lifestyle’s strongest contributors, Walter Hudson: 7 Ways to Reboot Star Trek With a New TV Show



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