Which Science Fiction Novels Should Be Made into Films and TV Miniseries?

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In partnership with the new fiction publishing platform Liberty Island, PJ Lifestyle is going to begin promoting and co-hosting a series of debates and discussions about popular culture. The goal is to figure out what works and what doesn’t so that in the future we can promote and create better fiction and culture of our own. These are public brainstorming sessions for writers and culture advocates interested in developing a more vibrant popular culture. You’re invited to submit your answers to any of these questions — or a related one of your own! — that interests you:

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A great email suggestion from Allston, one of PJ Lifestyle’s most thoughtful regular commenters, to start this week’s debates:

In regard to a new debate, here’s one – Science Fiction novels that should be made into movies/TV Miniseries, but never have been. In that regard, I’d throw out there Jerry Pournelle/Larry Niven’s Mote in God’s Eye. As a second choice, I’d mention Roger Zelazny’s 9 Princes in Amber.

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This week we’ll  begin a discussion about the best — and worst — ways to adapt stories from one medium to another. Your ideas and suggestions are always appreciated.

Updates from Tuesday, May 27:

From Sandy C via email:


Be made into a movie?

I think that Rebirth (or the original English title The Chrysalids) would be a good movie. Have thought so since I first read in the 1950’s. I enjoy it every time I read it. Thanks for letting me voice my input.

From Brian M via email:

Hello There,

I would love to see the Stainless Steel Rat brought to life, think it would be fun and proper adult sci fi shows are hard to come by.

Also would like to see the Papa Schimmelhorn series by Reginal Bretnor. He was Douglas Adams before Douglas Adams, but ruder and bawdier.

Slightly more serious one would be an adaptation of the Culture novels by the late and much missed I M Banks. Consider Pheblas is ready made for it!


From George T via email:

The Gray Prince by Jack Vance. Great conservative novel that refutes some of today’s most bogus issues. Other Jack Vance novels would make great movies, too, but his series novels would be too tempting for Hollywood to screw up.  Of course, what isn’t?

Thank you


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