Super Cute Slow Motion of Dogs Shaking Off

PJ Lifestyle begins a new feature in the style of PJ Lifestyle Sunshine, another byline collecting and organizing images and videos around the web. The series now upgrades to a global approach, beginning a series of lists organized by animals and location. Please send in pics and videos of your pets and online favorites to DaveSwindlePJM [@] or tweet to @DaveSwindle 


The collection so far, future installments will strive to match up videos with their locations:



5 Dogs on Youtube Who Really Need to Get it Together


A Formerly Blind Dog Squeals in Delight When Seeing His Owners After Surgery


Hilarious Mutant Giant Spider Dog Prank


A Dog Wearing an AT-AT Walker Costume From Empire Strikes Back

VIDEO: Cute Dog Vs Darth Vader

Pit Bulls

This Sweet Video Shows The Truth About Pit Bulls

Siberian Huskies

Baby and Siberian Husky Have Conversation

Lakota Gives A Dog-Hug To His Dad Every Night

You Won’t Believe What This Husky Says When It’s Time to Go in His Kennel…

Is This Shoplifting Dog A Siberian Husky?

VIDEO: Siberian Husky Gymnastics

Border Collie

VIDEO: A Very Determined, Hilarious Dog Wants to Play Fetch With a Statue


VIDEO: Meet the Colorado/Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group


The Ice Shaking In the Cup Makes The Pomeranian Want to Play

Chihuahua in Rome

Funny Chihuahua in Rome Trying to Dig Into the Sofa

Maura the Siberian Husky in Los Angeles

The Siberian Husky has Found a New Spot to Troll for Hidden Treats & Lost Treasures…


3 Siberian Husky Playtime Hyperlapse Videos Set to Classic ’60s Songs

What Should I Film The Siberian Husky Maura Doing?

Close-Up of Siberian Husky Squeaking Her Ball

No! It’s My Ball! You Cannot Have It!

The Siberian Husky Can Be Very Persuasive When She Wants to Run At the Park

A Siberian Husky Listening to Ann Coulter on Dennis Prager Last Week

‘Little Puppet Made of Pine, Awake. The Gift of Life is Thine.’

A Siberian Husky Frolics At Laguna Beach

A Siberian Husky Snoozes in the Sun on Sunday Morning

Siberian Husky Maura Wants to Play With This Ball We Found On Our Morning Walk

Cute Animal Video: Maura the Siberian Husky Vs 3 Birds at the Park

Cute Animal Video: An Installment of Siberian Husky Batman Ear Vision

3 Videos of Siberian Husky Maura Running at Noon, Evening, and Before Sunrise

4 Videos of Maura the Siberian Husky Inaugurates a New Feature

I Suspect Some Tasty Food Still Remains On Your Fingers

Siberian Husky Whines and Complains At Bath Time


What Ivan The Cat Used to Do When I Needed to Get My Work Done

3 Kittens Sucking on Their Bottles


Dogs and Cats Together

When Dogs Annoy Cats With Friendship


A Bunny Chews His Pellets


The Ferret Who Ate Too Many Christmas Cookies


Wild Animals

Hilarious: Animals Talking With British Accents

Stay Warm with ‘Awwwwwww’: 5 Cute Baby Animal Photos


The Talking Porcupine Likes Pumpkins


Peregrine Falcons

Video From Flying on the Back of Dora, a Peregrine Falcon

A Bird’s Eye View As a Peregrine Falcon Strikes


I Challenge You Not To Laugh At These Penguins On The Ice


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