Betty Boop as Snow White In A Cartoon For Jazz Lovers


Via Vintage Girl on Tumblr

A great suggestion from the comments on yesterday’s debut in a new series of classic 1930s cartoons:

Robbins Mitchell:

Probably my favorite Betty cartoon…


….jazz buffs will recognize Cab Calloway as the voice of Koko singing “St James Infirmary Blues”

Another commenter also had a thoughtful idea, Monster from the Id:

Can’t let a Betty Boop article go by without reminding everyone of her real-life inspiration, Helen Kane. Sadly, Betty is now more famous than the woman of whom she was a charicature.

Here’s a film of her to compare to the cartoon:

And also a Cab Calloway:

What other Betty Boop and classic cartoons from the 1930s do you like?


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