Muslim Persecution of Hindus In India--Brave Hindu Activists Resist

A group of men called people to repentance at the Democratic National Convention. Photo Credit: Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media.

Earlier this month, I interviewed Tapan Ghosh, the founder of a Hindu resistance movement in India. He had been touring the United States in order to raise both consciousness and funding for his work. I was especially moved by his work to rescue those Hindu girls and women whom Muslims had captured, forcibly converted, force-married to Muslims as second or third wives, or trafficked into brothels all over the Middle East and Asia. His organization not only rescued more than one hundred such victims, but then also persuaded their families and villages to welcome them back. I conducted a long interview with him which I will post here at a later date.


I posted this article earlier this week and have received an amazing response. Read it, make up your own mind about whether what is happening in India could ever happen in the West.  The article begins this way:

They are crossing the border illegally and violently displacing the indigenous population whose homes and possessions they either destroy or occupy. They are attacking the young, the elderly, and especially the girls and women, whom they kidnap, forcibly convert, or traffic into brothels. The locals are terrified of them. The police rarely come to their aid, nor do the politically correct media or government. Both are terrified by the criminals and terrorists who are riding these immigrant waves.
I am not talking about illegal immigrants to Europe or North America. I am describing Muslims who are penetrating India’s West Bengal region. These Bangladeshi immigrants are becoming conduits for criminal activities (arms, drugs, and sexual slavery) which also fund global jihad.

You won’t read about this in the Western mainstream media—or even in the Indian media, which has turned a blind eye to this ongoing tragedy because they are afraid to be labeled “politically incorrect” or “Islamophobic.” They are also afraid of reprisals. When Islamic zealots ransacked the office of the renowned newspaper, ‘The Statesman’ in Kolkata, in retaliation for a mere reproduction of an article condemning Islamic extremism, the Indian press remained silent. The editor and publisher of the newspaper were arrested for offending Muslim sentiments and no action was taken against the rioters.

Fortunately, there are a few very brave Hindus who are taking a stand against the Muslim terror campaign in India. One of them is Tapan Ghosh, whom I had the privilege of meeting recently when he came to New York City to talk about anti-Hindu persecution in his homeland. In 2008, Ghosh founded “Hindu Samhati” (Hindu Solidarity Movement), which serves persecuted Hindu communities in both West Bengal and Bangladesh.


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