Norway, Italy, Iran: The Islamist Takeover, The Push Back

Hege Storhaug, of Norway’s Human Rights Service (HRS), has sent me this amazing photo and asked me to pass it on. I am hereby doing so. However, the photo is probably not a real one but rather, represents the frustrated longing of many people who are eager to stand up to the Iranian President. The American President has not done so. A woman, pictured as a young, lone woman now symbolizes our planet’s hope for freedom from tyranny.


What else is there to say? Well, at least two things.

First, that HRS is in danger and that I will soon write about this. Bruce Bawer has already done so. Please read it. This is very important. HRS is the first, and perhaps the only newspaper in Europe that is focused on the Islamist threat to Europe. European leftists—Norwegian leftists–despise this and have been engaged in a legal cabal to silence it. Shame on them! They are appeasing Norwegian Islamists in their midst who only recently called for “the execution of homosexuals” and who have been “threatening another 9/11 on Norwegian soil for failing to respect Muslim sensitivities.”

Second, that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mrs. Navanethem Pillay, has weighed in with her own special contribution to Israel Apartheid Week by likening South African Apartheid to Israeli Apartheid at a speech before the Permanent Committee on Human Rights of the Foreign Affairs Committee. First, Pillay harshly criticized Italy for its “policies on immigration and what she considers the criminalization of illegal immigration.”

What she is really saying is that Muslims have the right to populate and then dominate Europe and that no progressive country dare stop them. (Shades of Jean Raspail, Oriana Fallaci and Bat-Ye’or!)


Thankfully, Fiamma Nirenstein, the Italian Vice President of the Permanent Committe, has excoriated Pillay for failing to mention the real human rights abuses that rage across the globe. In Iran for example. According to Nirenstein:

“Mrs Pillay did not say a word on Iran, North Korea, Burma, China and Sudan, the autocratic countries where it is forbidden to be Christian and Jewish and even to live a decent and full life if you are a woman. Notwithstanding our appeal, no one promised that, in June, Iran will not join the Council. On the contrary, it seems that this is a concrete possibility for the future.”

In addition, Nirenstein pointed out that instead of the UN focusing on human rights abuses in the Islamic world, it has, instead, chosen to continue scapegoating tiny Israel. Nirenstein reminded Pillay that “of 33 charges for violation of human rights issued by the Human Rights Council since 2006, 27 have been against Israel; the same holds true for the promotion of the Durban Review Conference, better known as Durban II, theoretically against racism, but in practice against Israel, and for the Goldstone’s report on the war between Hamas and Israel last year. These are the wonderful achievements of the Council.”


Pillay responded aggressively and with hostility and told Nirenstein that Italy was not the judge.

Would that the woman in the photo giving “the bird” to Ahmadinejad were head of the UN’s Human Rights Council! Would that Pillay had this unknown woman’s bravery. Would that Hege Storhaug could airlift this unknown Iranian woman to safety–but to which country? Where is a serious, fact-based exposure of Islamist barbarism safe? In Norway? In Holland? In Europe?

I want to thank Bruce Bawer, Hege Storhaug, Rita Karlsen and Fiamma Nirenstein for their clarity and courage and for their reports “from the front.”


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