Battling Against the Islamification of the World

The other day, a twenty-year-old woman was sold at an open auction in Badani Bhutto, Pakistan. Her brothers divided up the money. No one condemned this shameless and abominable act.


It is an act that haunts me.

For a long time now, similar kinds of people (yes, mainly Muslims) have invaded—no, immigrated to—Europe, where they have continued to engage in polygamy, arranged child marriage, forced veiling of women, honor-related violence, including honor murders (17,000 honor-related crimes of violence have been estimated to occur annually in the UK alone), and female genital mutilation. According to my new (and about to be published) study, honor murders in Europe are especially savage—even more so than in developing Muslim countries.

According to the Telegraf,

“Dutch and foreign intelligence services are at high alert due to a five-day international Islamic conference in Eindhoven, starting today. The intelligence services fear that the congress participants will secretly collect funds for armed Islamic battle. It’s also feared that the speakers in the conference will reverse the integration of Muslims in the Netherlands.” (Thanks to Esther’s Islam in Europe blog for this information).

In addition, just the other day, perhaps in response to the defacing of a mosque, a British war memorial was defaced with the slogan “Islam Will Dominate the World.”

But some of us–Christians, Jews, Muslims, ex-Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs–are fighting back.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, the American criminal justice system indicted a father for the “honor murder” of his daughter in Arizona. According to the Arizona Republic,


“An Iraqi immigrant accused of slaying his daughter in an “honor killing” has been charged with first-degree murder and could face the death penalty, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas said Monday…Prosecutors have labeled Noor Almaleki’s death an “honor killing,” saying the elder Almaleki killed his daughter because she dishonored the family by not following traditional Iraqi or Muslim values.”

In Texas, Sarah and Amina Said were also honor-murdered; however, the climate of political correctness had a chilling effect on how this murder was portrayed both in the media and on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

Rather late in the day, perhaps too late, Europe has begun to fight back against its inevitable Islamification.

Bat Ye’or, Bruce Bawer, Christopher Caldwell, Oriana Fallaci, Carol Gould, Melanie Phillips, Jean Raspail, Ibn Warraq, Geert Wilders, and I, among others, have all suggested that this is indeed the case.

But prithee pause: There are stirrings of resistance yet in the Old World.

In addition to the highly significant convictions of honor murderers in England, Holland, and Denmark, which I wrote about last week, did you know:

That a man in Holland has just been refused welfare benefits because he refused to shorten his beard or to shake hands with women on the jobs that the government found for him?

That a refugee from Afghanistan was about to get married in Denmark when the police broke up the wedding and arrested him? Apparently, his visa had been denied and the police did not want to allow him to gain Danish citizenship in this underhanded way. Indeed, Denmark may consider deporting immigrants who interfere with police work in the so-called “no go” zones. Apparently, the one thing that Muslim immigrants fear is being deported.


That Denmark is offering to pay Muslim immigrants who do not really want to integrate to leave the country?

That calls for the banning of either headscarves or burqas or both have rung out (like church bells, dare I say) all across France, Belgium, and Germany?

I love Europe. I want it to remain European. It was the land of my bohemian dreams when I was young. I grew up reading poetry, novels, plays, and philosophical treatises by British, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and Greek authors. I listened—I still do—to music most divine written by composers from all these countries and by Austrian, Polish, Norwegian, Hungarian, and Russian composers too. I have spent many happy hours viewing French, Dutch, Spanish, British, and Italian paintings.

I used to love the Islamic world as well. I once traveled and lived within it. It called to me. The light, heat, color, sounds, smells, foods, history, music, stories, poetry, exotic charm, and human as well as geographic beauty held me in thrall. That world is now gone. I will probably never again travel to a Muslim country in this lifetime. It, too, has been fundamentalized, Islamified in the worst way. Whatever tolerance may have once existed (and granted, it was not much) is either long gone or is now under siege.

Today, many Muslims are also fighting over who controls their countries and their religion. In Iran, the bravest of pro-democracy and anti-regime activists are marching, marching, to their deaths. All over the Islamic world, in groups and as individuals, Muslims are also marching against tyranny and for women’s rights, secular rights, and homosexual rights. Of course, many Muslim dissidents and feminists have also fled to Europe and America where they now live, write, and teach.


I am glad they are here. I hope the “Europe” and the “America” where they sought asylum does not betray them and end up looking and acting like the countries they left behind—the kind of country that would sell a young woman at an open auction.


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