The Israelis and the Iranian Bomb

Ted Cruz

In 2009, Israeli athletes were at one point shunned in the United Arab Emirates; humiliated in Vienna; and forced to play without an audience for their own safety in Sweden. The jackals took over the asylum and tossed a prominent Israeli advocate out of the United Nations; J-Street, the allegedly “pro-peace and pro-Israel” organization, held a Soros- and Arab-funded conference; and the calls to boycott Israeli academics continued apace. Today, Departments of Jewish Studies at American universities display anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian posters on their front doors.


Then there are all the blood libels about Israelis harvesting Palestinian organs for sale or secretly sterilizing Palestinians.

These various allegations and campaigns are all surreal, something only Himmler or Hitler could have dreamed up.

Seven years ago, I wrote about this gathering tidal wave of anti-Jewish hate at least twice a week. In 2003, I published a book about it titled The New Anti-Semitism. I received hate mail and lost most of my political allies and friends. Now, although I have politically more compatible allies and friends, I have begun to write about it less often. Why?

First, because other individuals and mainly grassroots groups are now doing so—and doing it well. I am no longer alone.

Second, because I cannot bear documenting the Big Lies and the atrocities without feeling that doing so can effectively stop them.

The world has gone mad; no sane grown-ups are in charge.

Iran has been increasingly taken over by the most hard-line elements. So many Iranians who marched so bravely in the streets of Teheran have now been jailed, tortured, and murdered. Somalia’s pirates keep hijacking civilians and holding them for ransom. Iran itself just captured five straying British yachtsmen.

Yes, Israel and India are growing closer. Yes, for all I know, Israel and Saudi Arabia are as well. (No Sunni Arab state wants the Iranian Shi’a to take over). Enormous changes may indeed occur at the last moment. Still, none of us are actively working on stopping the Iranian bomb. (Please note: I wrote “stopping” the bomb, not merely talking about stopping the bomb).


The Iranians are not going to stop themselves. America won’t do it, Europe won’t do it. Perhaps, after all, it will all be up to the Israelis. Bitterly, I think: Of course, the Jews will have to do all the heavy lifting. Happily, I think: Thank God for the Israeli Defense Forces.

Someone recently suggested that one way Israel might deter the use of the Iranian bomb and encourage other nations to deter its use might include Israel’s positioning nuclear submarines on every continent and letting it be known that this time, if Israel goes down, they’re not going down alone.

I know: Liberals, including liberal Jews, will condemn this very thought itself. Writing it down might be seen as a capital thought crime.

Alright: What’s your plan?

I’m worried. People like me have failed to stop the tidal wave of propaganda against the Jews, against Israel, against America, against the West. We have failed to convince the fifth columnists not to collaborate with the jihadists. We have failed to stop the anti-Semitism, pro-Arabism, and pro-Islamism in the United Nations, the western and Arab mainstream media, the American State Department and the U.S. Army, which now masquerades as political correctness.

On the one hand, I’ve had it with all those who say we’ve got to nuke 1.3 billion Muslims and abolish all of Islam. Abolish fundamentalism, terrorism, jihadism, fascism—yes. Eliminate Islamic gender and religious apartheid—yes. Eliminate intolerance—yes. But we must also work with Muslim and ex-Muslim dissidents and feminists. They are our natural allies. They are already progressive, their lives are on the line, and they understand who the radical Islamic fundamentalists are. I don’t have to persuade them. And, they are personally very heroic.


On the other hand, we might not have enough time to create the kind of alliances that will stop an Iranian bomb. Or a jihadist shooter, a homegrown terrorist, or the next Soldier of Allah.


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