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Muslim Mafia Exposed

P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry, with the help of Gaubatz’s son Chris, who went undercover, have published an important, perhaps even an explosive and sensational book which exposes the Muslim-Brotherhood connected Council on American-Islamic Relations, otherwise known as CAIR.


The book is carefully researched and far too detailed for any one reviewer to summarize in a single review.

The authors dub CAIR and other similar groups, the Muslim Mafia in America; indeed, the title of their book is: Muslim Mafia. Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America. They document CAIR’s foreign funding sources, ties to fundamentalists and terrorists, (including the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda), CAIR’s legally aggressive tactics which are meant to censor free speech as well as the truth about Islamic jihad and fundamentalism in the name of alleged “Islamophobia”—and of course, their brazen lies.

According to counter-terrorism investigator Steven Emerson, much of what had already been known is now further confirmed by this “insider” account. According to the scholar Daniel Pipes, CAIR has lied about their membership size (it is not 50,000 but 5, 133); lied about how many Muslims actually live in America (it is not 7 million but more like 2.3 million); lied about the source of their financial support (most comes from the Arab Middle East), lied about being a grassroots group, etc.

I can assure you that CAIR has also consistently lied about honor killings in North America.

Most recently, CAIR funded the lawyers for Fathima Rifqa Bary’s parents (she’s the Muslim teenager who converted to Christianity and ran away after she said her father had threatened to kill her). CAIR and their lawyers insisted that Rifqa had never been abused or threatened, that apostates are never killed by their Muslim families or communities. They specifically told Florida law enforcement authorities that there is no such thing as an honor killing in Islam. CAIR’s usual line is that every community has its share of “domestic violence.”


However, in a previous study in Middle East Quarterly, and in a new, forthcoming study which will appear in MEQ as well, I have shown that honor killings and western-style domestically violent femicides are very different. Although some Hindus and some Sikhs do commit honor murders, this is mainly a Muslim-on-Muslim and male-on-female crime.

In addition, according to Dr. Rusty Shackleford (MyPetJawa) in the Washington Times:

“A source who infiltrated a strategy session convened by the Muslim Brotherhood-associated Council on American Islamic Relations, reported that CAIR “handed out copies of [a recent] Orlando Sentinel article [that was critical of Rifqa Bary] and want supporters to push the meme that Christians have brainwashed and abducted this gullible teenage girl. They also have instructed supporters to circulate rumors that Rifqa had been carousing with infidel boys and engaged in acts of immorality. This CAIR strategy takes the focus off the near-universal Islamic legal precepts and Quranic injunctions that demand death for apostates and impugns the character of the innocent girl at the center of this controversy who appears to be in genuine fear for her life if she is returned to her parents.”

Remember the Said sisters, Sarah and Amina, who were brutally abused all their lives by both their father, their brother, and their mother and who were then shot dead in Dallas by their father, Yaser, a man who fled and who is still at large? For a short while, the FBI dared call it an “honor killing”—but then Islamic-American groups, behind the scenes, persuaded the FBI that this was an ethnic slur, a form of racism, a designation that played into the hands of “Islamophobes.” At the time, CAIR’s man in Dallas had this to say:


“As far as we’re concerned, until the motive is proven in a court of law, this is [just] a homicide,” Mustafaa Carroll, the executive director of the Council of American-Islamic Relations in Dallas, told He said he worries that terms like “honor killing” may stigmatize the Islamic community. “We (Muslims) don’t have the market on jealous husbands … or domestic violence,” Carroll said.

And, when Aqsa Parvez was lured home by her mother (as were the Said sisters), she was strangled to death by her father. Aqsa’s crime? Like the Said sisters, Aqsa was seen as “too western.” Aqsa did not always want to wear hijab; the Said sisters actually had non-Muslim, Christian boyfriends who were trying to protect them.

Please realize that Rifqa Bary does not just have a Christian boyfriend. She has chosen a Christian God, which at the risk of repeating myself, is a capital crime among fundamentalist Muslims.

Guess what CAIR’s counterpart in Canada had to say about Aqsa Parvez’s death in Toronto? A spokesman for the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) said he is “dubious of opinions the girl’s death resulted from a clash of cultures.”

“Teen rebellion is something that exists in all households in Canada and is not unique to any culture or background,” CAIR-CAN’s Sameer Zuberi told AFP. “Domestic violence is also not unique to Muslims. The strangulation death of Ms. Parvez was the result of domestic violence, a problem that cuts across Canadian society and is blind to color or creed,” echoed Shahina Siddiqui, president of the Islamic Social Services Association.”


Finally, CAIR “heavily supported” and even gave an award to Mohammed Hassan, a known long-time serial batterer, the founder of the cable TV station Bridges, who, after chronically beating a previous wife, continued to chronically beat a subseqent wife. He then be-headed his lovely wife Aasiya in Buffalo when she dared to finally leave him and obtained an order of protection. Horribly, he “sawed off her head with a large hunting knife.”

In Muslim Mafia, the authors describe CAIR’s policy on domestic violence. Their plan was to bully, disinform, and shame American law enforcement authorities into avoiding “racial profiling and police misconduct;” into “respect(ing) Islamic law and allow(ing) local Muslim clerics to sort out guilt, offering counseling where necessary…Under Islamic law Muslim men have the right to beat their wives for disobedience. Therefore, they argued, Muslim men who beat their wives should be treated different(ly) by the public at large and by police.”

Gaubatz Senior and Junior and Paul Sperry have done an enormous public service in documenting the truth about CAIR. Bravo to them and to their brave publisher, World Net Daily.

Alas, I agree with Daniel Pipes that CAIR will probably return in a slicker, newer form to continue their old tricks. However, I hope that this exposure means that they might have less time to support the Bary parents in their legal struggle to force a 17 year old girl to live with them against her will.


If the Barys are here illegally, someone should help Rifqa apply for political asylum on the grounds that she will be honor murdered not only for apostasy but for publicly exposing the truth about her family and perhaps the truth about the kind of Islam CAIR represents.

I wish to repeat the Note of Caution with which the authors begin this book:

“This is not a book about Islam or about Muslims in general. It is about the threat known from Shariah Islam and violent jihad propagated by a criminal class of Muslims known as the Muslim Brotherhood or the ‘Ikhwan mafia.’ This secretive organization dominates most established Muslim groups and mosques in America while exploiting, manipulating, and even victimizing law-abiding Muslim Americans. Only a share of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims are part of this dangerous group. This book is about them.”

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