Freedom of Religion: A Precious American Right, an Islamic Capital Crime

Rifqa Bary, Islamic Apartheid, and the Mainstream Media

Given the anti-Christian views of many Muslims and of all the Western book-and-column writing atheists and secularists, I wonder if Rifqa Bary, the teenage convert from Islam to Christianity, is not respected as a hero who is fighting for her freedom of religion but seen, rather, as someone who has taken yet another reactionary path. Perhaps if Rifqa had launched a lawsuit for the right to wear hijab or a burqa in Ohio she might immediately have gotten mainstream media sympathy.


The mainstream American media simply refuses to cover the Islamification of the West. Publishers run scared when I mention this as a possible next book title of mine. Newspapers are reluctant to cover honor killings or attempted honor killings in America at all, or in an accurate and informed way. If and when they write about jihadist attacks against the West or honor killings in America, the information is often buried on a back page or is, amazingly, biased against the victim and/or sympathetic towards the killer–yes, even if he has confessed. Yes, even if his victim or victims are also people of color born into the Muslim faith.

Apparently, the victims win no sympathy even if they, too, have also been born in formerly colonized or “occupied” countries, are currently also immigrants of color, or Muslims. What matters is only who the perpetrator is. Muslim-on-Muslim crimes, including genocide, do not count.

As yet, I cannot find Rifqa’s amazing and important story anywhere in the national mainstream media. I know that Fox is working on a story because they’ve talked to me about the issues this case raises. Am I surprised? Not really. There was either no or very little coverage of the honor killings that took place in the last decade in North America in Cleveland, St. Clairsville, Toronto, Chicago, Jersey City, British Columbia, Scottsville, Ottawa, Toronto, Dallas, Atlanta, Oak Forest, Alexandria, Buffalo, Kingston, Canada, Roslyn. You may read about some of these honor killings in my study and in my many articles at this blogsite.


What is really going on?

The guiding, hypnotic template is Israel versus the Palestinians. The actual aggressors are seen as innocent, misunderstood, and noble, their real victims are seen as provocative, rebellious, evil or mentally ill–especially if they dare to fight back, run away, or expose the truth of the matter.

The Israelis are “Nazis” perpetrating a new “Holocaust” against the Palestinians. In the case of the incredibly brave Rifqa Bary, we now have a victim of a potential honor killing trying to save her own life–and she is being portrayed as “mentally ill” or as a liar. I am told that she is being characterized in the local Ohio media as unstable while her father is being portrayed as loving and caring.

Twenty years ago, two honor killings took place in Ohio. I have written about them in my most recent book, The Death of Feminism which discusses how Islamic gender apartheid has penetrated the West and how Western progressives have failed to take a stand against it. A decade ago, the Ohio media covered one of the trials very carefully and comprehensively.

Guess what? In 2005, when my book first came out, a number of reporters from Ohio contacted me. They were interested in talking to me about my views on those very Ohio cases. I agreed to talk to them. The interviews never appeared. And why? “Higher ups” would not allow the journalists to do the story. By now, Islamists have put down roots in Ohio while other Islamists have intimidated the Hell out of the West through a series of non-stop, highly co-ordinated suicide bombings, airplane hijackings, acid attacks, stonings, riots, video-ed beheadings, etc.


Well, we are engaged in a new kind of war in which civilians are prized military targets and in which truth tellers may be forced to self-censor, stop publishing altogether (except in cyberspace), publish-and-embrace-poverty, publish and face being demonized, kidnapped, or murdered.

And, when anyone tries to tell the truth about fundamentalist Islam or about Muslim terrorists; when they try to talk about the overt subordination of Muslim women both in their home countries and in the West, the truth-tellers are inevitably described as: racist, islamophobic, reactionary, unpleasantly controversial, and hopelessly conservative. (This last is meant as an insult and is not a mere descriptor).

America: We have got to do better than this. We have got to understand that many of our most prominent and influential professors, intellectuals, and journalists have fallen under an evil spell.

They believe every piece of taqiyya (disinformation) which comes their way; fall for Big Lies and Blood Libels; do not check whether what they are being told in English is the same thing that is being said in Arabic, Kurdish, or Persian; fail to understand that the same sentence may mean one thing to a western non-Muslim audience but something else entirely to a Muslim audience.

Finally, our “best and our brightest” stubbornly, even suicidally, refuse to learn from experience. No matter how many Big Lies have been exposed as devilish ruses–(the Israelis murdered Mohammed al-Dura, perpetrated a massacre in Jenin, recently shot at peaceful Palestinians holding white flags of surrender, are selling beauty products with ingredients stolen from the Palestinians and are harvesting organs from Palestinians to sell for huge profits)–Western journalists continue to believe the new Big Lies, one after the other.


As the song asks: When will they learn, when will they ever learn?


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